The long-awaited Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition Rules have now been released! With a focus on clarity in both rules and layout, this 3rd Edition of the fantastic combined-arms skirmish game is now easier than ever to just pick up and play.

For those new to Heavy Gear, this book is an ideal introduction to the setting of Heavy Gear and the colony world of Terra Nova which is central to the story.

The 160-page full-colour rulebook explains the game and how to play in a clear and concise manner.

It also explains how to build a force and covers the seven main factions and their core units.

There are plenty of options to upgrade individual models, whether they are leaders, veterans or even unit duelists.

The Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition rules are available from our Shiny Games webstore.
Alternatively, to purchase from your Local Games Store, direct them to, where we also supply retailers.