The Force Compendium is the companion volume to the Heavy Gear Blitz 3rd Edition Rulebook. This 276-page softback book contains plenty of additional options to expand the game and keep players engrossed with new possibilities.

New Units
While the main rulebook focuses on the plastic Army Boxes and the units they contain, the Force Compendium includes all the military units and weapons currently used on Terra Nova. This includes a wide variety of new unit types; infantry, tanks, aircraft, artillery and the fearsome Striders! While Heavy Gears are the heart of Blitz, the game excels as a combined arms experience. Players can continue to play with a force comprised entirely of Heavy Gears, but adding different types of unit will reward them with new opportunities.

New Factions
As well as vastly expanding the existing factions with new units, this book also includes three new forces to command. These include the Black Talons, Terra Nova’s elite combined special forces. With the best weapons and pilots from across the whole planet , can players use the peerless pilots of the Talons to good effect against superior numbers?

This book also introduces Leagueless forces, those who swear no allegiance to the great powers of Terra Nova. Nevertheless, they are fierce defenders of their homes and families. Using a wide range of equipment that can make them unpredictable enemies, this force will give players more choice of units than any other.

Along with the new units and factions, the book contains additional background lore, fiction and supporting material to make this the most immersive Heavy Gear Blitz experience ever!

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