This week I’ve mostly been occupied with casting up dozens and dozens of 15mm Slammers vehicles and 6mm buildings for Scale Creep Miniatures to stock in the US. Add that to more work on preparing Salute releases and I haven’t been left with time for much else, so there’s no new items as such today. However, I have been slowly beavering away on new Hammer’s Slammers packs for the website, to make it easy to buy an entire detachment at one go without having to pore through our website working out exactly which models to buy. This week I’ve added the three different types of Hiroseki National Army detachment; Heavy Armour, Mechanised Infantry and Planetary Warfare. I’ve also made two variants on the Heavy Armour and Planetary Warfare packs with different vehicle options. The Hiroseki use our Mercenary Brigade models designed by Zac Braham and Kirk Alderfer, along with PLA infantry figures. Each pack also includes resin infantry bases, packs of stowage and radars, aerials or radomes as appropriate for command vehicles – and all at a discount over the price of buying the models separately.

HSD15-1501 – Hiroseki Heavy Mechanised Detachment – £90.00
HSD15-1501a – Hiroseki Heavy Mechanised Detachment – £90.00
HSD15-1502 – Hiroseki Planetary Warfare Detachment – £75.00
HSD15-1502a – Hiroseki Planetary Warfare Detachment – £63.00
HSD15-1503 – Hiroseki Mechanised Infantry Detachment – £46.00

I’ll add more packs as and when I have time.