Horizon Wars: Midnight Dark is the third book in the Horizon Wars series and returns to where the series began - 6mm combined arms science fiction.

The original Horizon Wars - published by Osprey - launched the book series from Precinct Omega Publishing that began with Horizon Wars: Zero Dark (28mm skirmish) and Horizon Wars: Infinite Dark (spaceship combat). Now, coming full circle, Midnight Dark returns to 6mm combined arms science fiction.

Assemble your battle groups with infantry, armour, artillery, special forces, tactical gunships and, of course, the essential component of every sci-fi battle game, mechs!

This is a more sophisticated and crunchy game compared to the original, with a command system that makes orders a resource players will have to manage carefully. More upgrades are available to customise your battle group, including heroes and mech pilots. But it remains miniatures agnostic with the expectation that players can use minis already collected for other games to play Midnight Dark, or inspire them to pick up some new minis from one of the many independent manufacturers of quality 6mm sci-fi.