Hart of War Perry Miniatures Sale on the Website

To celebrate Hart of Wars' Website being up and running for its first month we are having a bit of a figure sale... well actually it's to prevent us from keeping all these lovely figures for ourselves!

HART OF WAR PERRY SALE - All Perry Plastic box sets on the Hart of War Website are now down to £17.00 (RRP £20.00!!)

This offer will continue until 31st October.

The stock of Warlord Games figures on the site is increasing, and in the mad rush to get them on the site, I have put some very random cheap prices! I must sort that out soon...

We are now also selling stocks of Victrix 28mm (Napoleonic and Ancients) and Xyston 15mm DBA army sets! At silly prices!!


Phil - Hart of War for Figures and Painting!