Good Ground is proud to announce the arrival of hundreds of new figures. Now available on the site are the following great new packs and new variations of existing poses.

Grant and Staff

Lee, Longstreet, Jackson

US Generals

CS Generals

Lee, Longstreet and Grant are available both mounted and in dismounted famous vignettes.

Yanks in camp

I can't wait to get my brush out and get these boys painted. They were due to arrive in February, but the were delayed until now. Considering the figures, it almost seems appropriate.

Running Away


The casualty pack contains a mix of 8 CS and US casualty figures.

20th ME

CS Charging

Finally, all of our Yanks in Sack Coats can be had in Forage Caps as well as Slouch Hats.


I will be bringing all these great new figures to HMGS South Recon and HMGS Mid-South Nashcon. We will also be running our Franklin game at both shows.

We hope to see you there.

All the figures are available on the site today.