This coming May, I will have reached 22 years in business. Most of these years I have worked 10-14 hours a day, seven days a week and now that I am well into my 70's it's time to move on and work at other things before they finally shovel the dirt on me.

This notice and the ones that follow each week until the 31st of May will give everyone over four months to place their final orders.

All our centrifugal molds for casting our pewter products are in excellent condition and there should be no problems filling orders for these products.

The silicone rubber molds for casting the buildings and terrain features have a limited life and as these molds wear out during these final sales they will not be replaced and will disappear from our web page.

Any orders we cannot fill from these molds will get a refund on those product codes.
During these four final months there will continue to be new releases that are already in the pipeline, along with a large number of new Bulk Buys, and also new buildings, accessories and figures from the Ahketon ranges.

After May 31, from time to time I will do a limited release of a new building three to four times a year, so watch for an advertisement and our web page for those announcements.
During these final months and after the 31st of May I will be selling the masters, molds and production rights to most of some 2000 product codes. You can contact me through the web page for discussions and after that I have some 5000 reference books and 4000+ 28mm metal figures to sell.

Thank you to all our customers through all these years for their business, support, ideas and some great conversations along the way. All the best to everyone in the gaming community.

Craig Acheson ( aka: The Old Guy)
Acheson Creations LLC
[email protected]
+1 585 621 5373
+1 585 621 8439


28mm Vikings w/ Swords & Command Set (20) Unpainted $24.95USD

Scale: 26mm (1/56)

Material: Pewter

Includes these characters -
Viking Warriors
Viking Leaders
Viking Commanders
Sold Unpainted