Imperial Guard – Les Grognards

This deal includes 2 boxes of Les Grognards infantry and 2 boxes of Les Grognards H/Weapon and HQ.
In total 72 figures allowing standard units and elite units to be created, with heavy weapons options.

The infantry boxes have options including standard rifles, heavy lasers, flamethrowers, pistols, swords, heavy plasma guns, communication packs, and grenades. There are also four unique head types with and without gas masks (192 total heads in this box).

From the support boxes up to 12 heavy weapon platforms with options including tri-barrel cannon, quad ball turret, heavy plasma weapon, and mortar. Specialist troops like snipers, medics, communication specialists, standard bearers and field officers can also be built. Two head sprues are included so that you can outfit every figure in the box with any type of open or gasmask version of the four types of headgear: Adrian helmet, shako, bearskin, or kepi.
The components from all the boxes are fully interchangeable.
Your army is only limited by your imagination.

All 4 boxes for £90 UK post free.
Fixed cost international shipping.