If anyone is interested in quick, relatively inexpensive “table top standard” painting (ie, painting that looks good on the table at normal gaming distances), here are some pictures of what I can paint in 15mm. I can do this fairly quickly and would be willing to do WWII and other simple uniforms at $1.25/figure. For more complex uniforms, including lots of camo, $1.50/each.

I can do regular basing (with various types of flock), as seen here, for free (other than the bases themselves). I can also do the prep on the minis, and am willing to discuss either doing it for a small fee or for free, but factored into the completion time.
I can also paint armor; please email to discuss rates. Estimate $10-$12/vehicle, more if with complex camo scheme.

I can provide free infantry samples, minus the S&H; PM or email me and we'll set up mailing them to you.

If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]

15mm WWII

15mm sci-fi: Ground Zero Games, Ravenstar, and All Quiet on the Martian Front


NOTE: I am less experienced in the complex uniforms of Napoleonics, 18th Century, etc. and make no claims to being able to paint as quickly or that this process would work for those uniforms.