International Commission scheme.

With the increasing cost of overseas postage, I have decided to introduce an International Commission scheme. Quite often gamers are buying figures from the UK with very expensive shipping costs, then send them back to the UK to be painted, this can result in two lots of shipping cost, two lots of duty to be paid and extra taxes, all in all very expensive.

My International Commission Scheme will help cut out a lot of this cost. I believe this scheme could save at least $100+ usd per commission. I am more than willing to purchase figures in the UK for the customer, paint them to a very high table top standard and ship them to you ready for the table top. If I can achieve discounts on figures this will be passed onto the customer (for instance I can do 20% discount on all Warlord Games products). This scheme is quite complex and therefore will be tailored to each customer. For more details, advice on ranges available tailored to your needs please contact me .

So if your thing is 28mm/20mm/15mm or even 10mm if your period could is Ancients, Dark ages, Medieval, 16th/17th Century, AWC or even ECW, Napoleonic’s through WW1 and WW2 to the present day, Fantasy or Science Fiction I am sure we can work something out.

Please note:
I have no control over any taxes levied at Country of destination, however I will do what I can to minimise this.
Items in most cases will not arrive in original packaging.