I have made a free introductory version of my WWII small unit rules, A Sergeant’s War, available at the Wargame Vault. The introductory version of the game includes the basic rules for infantry combat and two starter scenarios. It is 25 pages long, 19 of which are the rules. The rest are introductory/designer notes, a table of contents, and the scenarios.
It is available HERE

A Sergeant’s War emphasizes troop quality and morale as well as small unit leaders, who help you pass morale tests and withstand enemy fire. You track casualties individually but your minis fight in units of 3-8 troops. A full description of the game can be found here , and a play-by-play run through can be found here.

If you already have the full version of the game, the starter scenarios could still be of use to you.
Thanks for looking!