Want Brutal Cities terrain but you're in the EU? IOSS now available!
Do you live in the EU? Have you been eyeing off the new Fadelight Terrain range? We have good news!
We are happy to announce that orders going to the EU will now be faster and easier for you - and we will pay the VAT! More information below.
The important thing to know is that now smaller orders will not have to wait at customs as long, and we will collect and pay VAT on imports to your country instead of you!
EU Customers
Orders under 150 EUR - Brutal Cities will collect and pay the VAT to the EU for you! Easier and faster for you.
Orders over 150 Euros - You will have to pay the VAT to customs as was the case in the past. But remember, shipping is free for orders over $400 AUD (approx. 250 Euros)!