We're into Day 6 of the '10 Days of Shiny!'

We're back to Pendraken and some 10mm goodies today with some revamped and expanded Opel Blitz trucks! We've replaced our original truck, AA and Maultier models as well as adding radio trucks, ambulance and a command version of the Maultier for good measure. The revamp process is a long-term commitment to upgrading our models and keeping them up to modern standards, so it's good to get these ticked off. Next on the revamp schedule will be the Pz IIIs which should be ready towards the end of the year.

For anyone wanting any of the old models to finish off existing projects, we'll still be able to supply them for a short period of time.

German Vehicles
GRV96 Opel Blitz truck, low sides £3.20
GRV97 Opel Blitz truck, office body £3.20
GRV98 Opel Blitz, 20mm Quad AA £3.20
GRV99 Opel Blitz truck, high sides £3.20
GRV100 Opel Maultier £3.20

GRV122 Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/18 £3.20
GRV123 Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/22 £3.20
GRV124 Opel Blitz ambulance £3.20
GRV125 Opel Maultier, office body £3.20