We are not at Salute this year, so, as promised, we are running a SALE!!!!
This will run from Saturday 15th until Sunday 23rd April and you will get a massive 15% discount across our entire range..........


Geoff has been incredibly busy and produced the Post War Canadian Infantry and Support Weapons
for the late 1970s to Mid 80s, together with the Leopard C1 and the Canadian Centurion Mk 6 or 11 LR.
The C1 even has the wiper system that was peculiar to this Leopard variant!

There are few more Carlist War figures too and the British WW1 Limber and Caisson has finally made it into mould.

We have also been busy with remoulding and have competed the Freikorps ACW range and just starting the German 1866 and 1870 range


Geoff is busy producing Modern Dutch and Belgians to finish off NORTHAG and we are hoping our designer will wake up and send us the last few figures to finish off our 1914 Western Front project....only been waiting since January!


We are no longer doing shows as a trader…. So, we will be keeping in contact with regular newsletters. This will have details of all new releases and what we are working on. We will also detail this in our ‘news’ section, together with competitions and discounts. YES! Discounts! Not doing shows gives us a lot more flexibility.

So – go explore!!
Chas, Geoff and Sarah