Happy New Year!

The New Year has brought a big change to QRF seeing Chas step down from running the company after many years in charge helping bring fun to many a wargame table.

A quick introduction to myself, I am Harry and will be taking over the running of QRF and look forward to providing many more years of wargaming fun to you.

During the handover period there we will be marking ranges as out of stock whilst I get to grips with the in and outs of QRF this will also allow us to remould some of the more 'tired' codes. Do not fret as they will be back up and available and I'll keep you updated as to when.

Despite aiming for retirement, Chas has been adding to his Western Desert project and has released new figures for the 8th Army and Afrika Korps along with a few vehicles. This is an ongoing project and more will be coming!

There have been additions to the East Africa Campaign ranges with figures for Ruga-Ruga, tribesmen and porters. which will be on the website soon, go check them out! The Belgians and Portuguese along with scenics for East Africa. will be released later in the month.

I have been remoulding the latex ranges with the 1" cobbled roads, fields, lakes, craters and features which are now live on the website.

The master plan.... Between now and Apr 22 will be the handover period, as mentioned above, to aid the handover/takeover some lines will be taken offline for a short time but please bear with us to ensure a smooth transition and allow us time to deal with any challenges that may occur. No plans survives first contact!

Harry and Geoff