This year at Joy of Six at the Sheffield Hallam University on the 16th of July, Leven Miniatures will be showcasing some of our new models, and also stocking some but not all of the Perfect Six Miniatures from Richard, we hope you all turn up to the show not just for us, but for every trader within the community, your support is what keeps us going every single day, 27 hours a day 8 days a week, (if that’s physically possible?)

We are currently taking Pre-Orders for the show, so if you are worried we won’t have what you want in stock or with us on the day, let us know what you require and we shall bring them with us on the day!

We wish every trader that is going to be there our best, and also hope that it’s a great show for everybody, make new friends, new acquaintances, and maybe some of you might convert from other scales to 6mm, just remember that our models and likewise for every other 6mm “Artist’s” can actually fit on a dining table and the wife won’t complain too much!

Regards Mick & Ricky Hoe