The word 'disappointed' doesn't begin to describe how we felt when we had to cancel the Joy of Six for the second year running. From the messages that we received, we know that feeling was shared with many of you who had been planning the annual pilgrimage to Sheffield. We can't replace the unique experience that is JOS, but what we are doing this year is to bring you the Joy of Virtual Six.

With the invaluable help of Sean Clark of the Gods Own Scale podcast, the Baccus team will be hosting an online Joy of Virtual Six. We will be including the usual elements of the show, such as Dr Mike's Painting Clinic and the Sunday afternoon panel session. There will be a chance for traders to show off their wares and plenty of opportunities for you to ask them questions and interact with them. We will have some great games on display and, again, you will get the chance to interact with the teams who stage them on and find out more about the games and what it took to put them together,
We'll be posting more details as we get nearer to the big day, but for the moment, get the day marked in your diaries and get your fix of the Joy of Virtual Six!