he Hell Divers are an elite fighting force of the Federal Special Forces, 5th Orbital Activities Division. Rated for insertion on any enemy-held world or moon via a HEL/DIV drop pod, the Hell Divers have earned their reputation in almost every corner of the Galaxy.
Equipped with advanced composite armored suits, they are capable of survival in many hostile environments, and even vacuum, for a extended periods of time.
The Hell Divers are capable of taking on any enemy in any locale.

The Rifle squad is composed of six Hell Diver troopers armed with Mark IV Lightweight Advanced Plasma Carbines. $26.99

The Support Fireteam is composed of two Hell Diver troopers armed with an advanced AI-tracking missile launcher and a Mark XX Medium Plasma Support Weapon. $12.99

Each trooper is in a unique pose including aiming, reloading and low-ready. They measure approximately 32mm from the feet to the eyes.

Sculpted by Steve “Coolhand” Tyler. Painted by Mastergunz Paint Worx.