"I have just learned I am non-essential. The State of Illinois has ordered all non-essential businesses and activities to shut down till mid-April. This order means I cannot work at my shop or ship products. My operation has gotten too big to bring back home, so this means we hit the pause button on the new releases.

I took the site down till we can set it up to allow browsing without purchases. Since we can't fill orders, I won't be collecting orders or it will be a terrible mess when we reopen.

I will speak to retailers about whether they want to take orders for the new Mounted Plains Indians without a guaranteed re-supply in a reasonable time frame.

Don't worry about us--our business continuity plan will see us through. I never bet the farm, and I stay prepared for a rainy day.

In the meantime, I will be creating new stuff for when the miasma blows away and things get back to normal, and I will of course be posting nifty things to see!

Stay safe everyone,