I haven't been very good at communication the last few months, but we have been working five days per week throughout all the recent tribulations. Here is a breakdown of what we're up to.

1. The shopping cart is currently shut down, which is why your order won't go through; you've probably arrived at our products without passing through the front page where the info banner is. If I knew how to put the banner on other pages I would, but I don't, so it isn't.

2. We start taking orders with our own shopping cart again July 1. I'm grateful for my retailers for keeping the wheels of commerce turning, and I urge you to continue to order from them. This is a difficult time for many game stores, and if you want to see our hobby thrive in the future, it is important that there are places that new people can see games being played, so please, please, please continue to patronize them after I have reopened my shopping cart.

2. The mounted Linguine Henchmen are indeed available. You can order them now from a retailer or after July 1 you can order them from us as well.

3. You can expect at least one new release per month for the next several months. The mounted Earps are next up. Expect more Indians, some cavalry, and other various and sundry characters though the summer, fall, and into the holidays.
I can sculpt much faster than we can put items into production, so please bear with us.

4. We will continue to create new items of an historical as well as cinematic nature. I'm not much of a movie buff myself, but I've tried to satisfy the cravings for that kind of thing. I will continue to balance both aspects of the West as I feel that while movies are fun, history is exciting as well. I'm always looking for unique subjects with interesting and varied wardrobe rather than the usual 60s cowboy getup with a different face.

4. We will be kickstarting our board game either this fall or at the beginning of 2021. If you're not a fan of the cartoon figures, don't worry--you can use the game with GB figures, and there will be GB versions of new characters from the game available during and after the kickstarter. The main purpose of the game is to reach a broader audience; if you have non-gamer family or friends, this will be a great way to introduce them to gaming.

5. Finally, Adam Smith of Pro Painted Miniatures has done a magnificent job of painting the Spectacular Seven, don't you think? I can't wait till these show up on my doorstep! I will be photographing them for character cards, and then I get to game with them!