And finally we've got the guys that started it all, the North Koreans! This batch covers infantry, command and mortars, with their Soviet-supplied artillery coming in a few months time. We'll also be looking to do a KPA motorcycle combo for this range as well.

Thanks go to Sunray for all of his help and advice on these Korean War ranges, his input has been invaluable.

Korean War

North Korea, KPA 
KNK1 Advancing with rifle
KNK2 Advancing with DP LMG
KNK3 Standing, firing rifle
KNK4 Standing, firing SKS carbine
KNK5 Standing, helmet, firing PPSh M1941 SMG
KNK6 Standing, cap, firing PPSh M1941 SMG
KNK7 Kneeling, firing rifle
KNK8 Prone, firing rifle
KNK9 Prone, firing DP LMG
KNK10 82mm mortar with crew (3)
KNK11 120mm mortar with crew (3)
KNK12 Throwing grenade
KNK13 Radio operator
KNK14 Officers
KNK15 Artillery crew
KNK16 Casualty
KNK17 Head/shoulder tank commander, Soviet helmet £1.00
(Packs contain 10 figures @ £1.75 unless shown otherwise.)

And the pics!

KNK1 - Advancing with rifle

KNK5 - Standing, helmet, firing PPSh SMG

KNK10 - 82mm mortar with crew

KNK13 - Radio operator

KSK14 - Officers

And that's it for now, we'll have some handy army packs coming at the weekend to give you a nice starter force and we'll be bringing those to the Claymore show.