Ever wanted to just send the whole army out, get them all back painted in a week and get gaming that next weekend? – Not possible?

That is the entire intention behind the EZPainter army deal. Affordable and quality work at your disposal – and now…it’s even more affordable for just 9 more days!

Why do we charge so little? What corners do we cut? None! We simply like to provide a great service at a real and realistic price without ripping off our customers (Loyal customers routinely receive random discounts for their returning patronage!). To many painters charge what they “think” their painting is worth instead of just providing a good service for an affordable rate. Now is your chance to utilize a respectable and professional painting service and if you already have one, now may be the time to try a new one and save that well-earned moolah!

Until the end of May the army deal over at EZPainter is even cheaper as you can now get 100 miniatures (28mm) painted for £250! This is a mad chance to dash and grab that lead mountain and get it on the table en masse for a great price.

Given that you only ever pay %50 at one time the deal is a great way for you to get your army painted and on the table and say goodbye to those sheeny plastic greys units!

Email [email protected] for details or check out the website at www.ezpainter.co.uk