Oddzial Osmy of Poland has added more figures across its 1:600 (3mm) ranges in August as well as releasing the first packs in a line of modern Chinese. The releases have arrived in stock at Fighting 15s, and include:

1:600 Moderns
CH-601 Chinese Type 69 MBT
CH-602 Chinese Type 63 APC
CH-603 Chinese Type 83 self-propelled howitzer

1:600 WWII

WUS-646 F-6F Hellcat
WUS-647 TBF Avenger
WUS-648 M1A1 Pack Howitzer

1:600 WWI

GW-610 Late-war French infantry set I, in greatcoats with rifles
GW-611 Late-war French infantry set II, machine guns and command

1:600 Science Fiction

PSF-620 Centaurus GEV armed hovercraft
PSF-621 Xenos creatures, set I
PSF-622 Xenos creatures, set II

Packs are £3.00 each including VAT. Packs typically contain 8 model aircraft, or 15 model vehicles, or 15 infantry bases.