Including an extensive 2nd hand list for you to trawl through. Don't forget Tanks, figures etc post free world wide

H26980 SBX54 -T-34 Tank Company / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £25.50

H26981 SBX55 - T-70 Tank Company / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £25.50

H26982 SBX60 - SU-122 Medium SP Battery / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £24.50

H26983 GBX123 - StuG (Late) Assault Gun Platoon / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £25.50

H26984 SBX57 - SU-85 Medium SP Battery / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £20.50

H26985 15mm German Steyr Heavy Car - Plastic soldier company / PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY - £16.95

H26986 THE ZONE : THE COLD WAR TURNS HOT- SKIRMISH WARGAMING IN THE LATE C20th / Bollands, Wayne Large format full colour paperback. Based on the highly playable rules devised for the Winter of 79 British Civil war series by Mike Bradford. Squad level gaming, 15mm-28mm and above NATO Vs WARSAW PACT IN THE 198Os £18.50

H26987 PANZERKRIEG: Volume 1 - German Armoured Operations at Stalingrad / Mark, J large format hardback. v well illus, many previously unpublished 590p. superb book £73.50

H26990 ANCIENT WARFARE SPECIAL: VARIAN DISASTER: The Battle in the Teutoburgerwald / - large format all colour paperback. 82p near mint £10.00

H26991 DUNSTERFORCE BUNDLE: Miniature Adventures of Dunsterforce PLUS THE ADVENTURES OF DUNSTERFORCE / Dunsterville & Giglio 2 new books. One setting the East ablaze supplement, the other a pbk reprint of Maj-Gen Dunsterville's account of the campaign £41.50

H26993 US M901 ITV/M163 VADS Tank Expansion - tanks ! modern age / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £6.80

H26994 British Striker/Milan MCT Tank Expansion - Tanks! modern age / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £6.80

H26995 German Marder Tank Expansion - tanks! Modern age / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £6.80

H26996 French AMX10 Tank Expansion - tanks! modern age / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £6.80

H26997 Soviet BMP-1/BMP-2 Tank Expansion - tanks! modern age / BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES - £6.80

H26998 BATTLE-SCARRED: Mortality, medical care and military welfare in the British Civil Wars / Appleby & Hopper 270p; mint HBK. Its chapters analyse the effectiveness of the provision of medical care, how military welfare operated and the means by which the British peoples endured this traumatic catastrophe. £69.50

47533 WAR TOYS: No1. THE STORY OF HAUSSER-ELASTOLIN / Polaine, Reggie Hardback, published 1979, 156 pages, illustrated throughout. Very Good condition. £39.99

47534 WAR WITHOUT GARLANDS: OPERATION BARBAROSSA 1941/42 / Kershaw, Robert Hardback, published 2000, 256 pages, some b&w photographs. Like New. £9.50

47535 UNIFORMS OF NAPOLEON'S ARMY / Vernet, Carle Softback, published 2001, 96 pages, colour illustrations throughout. Like New. £19.00

47536 WAR IN AFGHANISTAN 1979-1989: THE SOVIET EMPIRE AT HIGH TIDE / Isby, David C. Softback, published 1990, 60 pages, illustrated in colour and b&w. Like New. £23.50

47537 RICHARD SIMKIN'S UNIFORMS OF THE BRITISH ARMY: THE CAVALRY REGIMENTS / Carman, W. Y. H.back, published 1982, 224 pages, 120 colour plates. Like New. £18.00

47538 UNIFORMS OF THE SS: VOLUME 2 GERMANISCHE-SS 1940-1945 / Taylor, Hugh P hardback, published 1970, 81 pages. B&W photographs. Very Good. No dust jacket, slight shelf wear. £13.00

47539 UNIFORMS OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY WARS 1789-1802 / Haythornwaite, Philip P.back, published 1981, 148 pages, colour illustrations throughout. Very good, slight knock to the bottom corner. £8.00

47540 TARTAN FOR ME! SUGGESTED TARTANS FOR SCOTTISH, SCOTCH-IRISH, IRISH, AND NORTH AMERICAN SURNAMES WITH LIST OF CLAN, FAMILY, AND DISTRICT TARTANS. / Smith, Philip D. Spiral-bound, published 1994, 123 pages. Like New, slight shelf wear. £25.00

47541 SEBASTIEN LE PRESTRE DE VAUBAN 1633-1707 / Blomfield, Reginald Hardback, facsimile of 1938 edition published 1971, 216 pages. Like new, no dust jacket, otherwise fine. £110.00

47542 WEHRMACHT & SS: CAUCASIAN, MUSLIM AND ASIAN TROOPS / Borsarello, J. F. and Palinckx, W. Hardback, published 2007, 176 pages. Bi-lingual edition. Like New, still in shrink wrap. £23.50

47543 WATERWAYS OF WAR: THE STRUGGLE FOR EMPIRE 1754-1763 A TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO THE FRENCH & INDIAN WAR FORTS AND BATTLEFIELDS ALONG AMERICA'S BYWAYS IN NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA / Benson, Steve and Toelke, Ron Softback, published 2009, 56 pages, illustrated throughout. Like New. £35.00

47544 WITH WALKER IN NICARAGUA OR REMINISCENCES OF AN AMERICAN OFFICER OF THE AMERICAN PHALANX / Jamison, James Carson S.back, facsimile of 1909 edition, published 2007, 168 pages. Very Good, slight crease to cover. £8.25

47545 WARGAMING IN HISTORY: WATERLOO / Grant, Charles Paperback, published 1990, 112 pages. Like New. £5.50

47546 RULETTES FOR 16TH CENTURY NAVAL WARFARE / War games Research Group Pamphlet, published 1978, 8 pages. Very good condition. £13.00

47547 POLEMOS: WAR OF THE SPANISH SUCCESSION RULES / - near fine large format pbk £14.50

47548 PAINTING WARGAME TANKS 2nd edition. / - Reading copy only. Very water damaged but all pages readable. Torregrosa & Jimenez 90p large format. All full-colour photos Suitable for 10mm, 15mm, 28mm £10.00

47549 TOUCHING HISTORY 4) NORTH AMERICA, AWI, F-I WARS & ACW / - large format 76p full-colour wargames terrain & Building making magazine. near mint marks to front cover £20.00

47550 WARFARE IN EGYPT AND THE SUDAN: WARGAMING SCENARIOS 1884-1896 / Asquith, Stuart 70p Large format. near fine, signed by author £13.50

47551 WARMASTER ANCIENTS RULES / - New but damaged copy- spine damaged and marks to cover. Good only £20.00

47552 GUNS AT GETTYSBURG : ACW RULES Based of General de Brigade / Brown, D SPECIAL OFFER- SEVERAL NEAR MINT COPIES, very slight marks to cover £8.00

47553 Armoured Forces of the Bulgarian Army 1936-45: Operations, Vehicles, Equipment, Organisation, Camouflage & Markings / Matev 500p. v well illus inc colour. MINT HBK £25.00

47554 Imperial Bayonets: Tactics Of The Napoleonic Battery, Battalion And Brigade As Found In Contemporary Regulations / Nafziger, G MINT HARDBACK-= 2nd EDITION £11.50

47555 Blucher and the Uprising of Prussia Against Napoleon: 1806-15 / Henderson 350p. near mint hardback. No jacket as published, Cover slightly loose £15.00

47556 LION RAMPANT : OSPREY MEDIEVAL RULES / - near Mint pbk £6.00

47557 SWEDISH Army of the Great Northern War, 1700-1721 / Wolke, L E Near fine pbk £9.95

47558 SERBIAN Army in the Wars for Independence Against Turkey 1876-1878 / Babac 150p. Large format hardback. near mint £15.00

47559 To Settle The Crown: Waging Civil War in Shropshire, 1642-1648 / - 210p near mint HARDBACK. v well ill £11.50

47560 ANCIENT WARFARE SPECIAL: CORE OF THE LEGION: THE ROMAN IMPERIAL CENTURIA / - near mint Large format all colour Paperback 82p £8.50

47561 Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS: Freikorps Danmark 1941-43 / Pank Very large format near fine HBK. 310p. v well illus £255.00

47562 SAXON ARMY OF THE WAR OF THE AUSTRIAN SUCCESSION AND THE SEVEN YEARS WAR / Summerfield, Dr S Near mint Hardback. 210p. v well illus in colour. 2nd revised edition £29.50

47563 Till The Trumpet Sounds Again : The Scots Guards 1914-19 in their own words. Volume 1: Great Shadows 1914- July 1916 / Nicol, R Near mint hardback. 610p. well illus £14.00

47564 Till The Trumpet Sounds Again - The Scots Guards 1914-19 in their own words. VOLUME 2 / Nicol, R near mint HBK. VOlume 2 £14.00

47565 7th (QUEEN's OWN) HUSSARS 1) 1690 - 1815 / Barrett, C R B large format 400p. Colour plates. near Mint pbk facsimile of 1914 ed. All the major campaigns from the nine years war to Waterloo £19.50

47566 Advance from Mons 1914: The Experiences of a German Infantry Officer / Bloem Good condition original 1930, first printing £18.50

47567 Ancient and Medieval Wargaming / Thomas, N 280p. near mint pbk. illus in colour,. Rules lists and scenarios £17.50

47568 Next to Wellington. General Sir George Murray: The Story of a Scottish Soldier and Statesman, Wellington’s Quartermaster General / Harding-Edgar 400p. Near mint Hardback, tear to jacket £17.50

47569 WELLINGTON IN SPAIN 1811 : The Battles of Fuentes de Onoro and Albuera / Grant, CS 150p paperback. On some of the plates the colour registration is a bit out, but text perfect £16.50

47570 POUR IT TO 'EM BOYS : Fast play ACW rules / - mint £3.50

47571 TANK TACTICS: FROM NORMANDY TO LORRAINE / Jarymowycz, Roman Pbk. Publ 2009. 362 pages. Like New. £6.00

47572 General Wolfe's Instructions to Young Officers: Also his Orders for a Battalion and an Army. Together With the Orders and Signals Used in Embarking and Debarking an Army, by Flat-bottom'd Boats / WOLFE, Major-General James MINT Hardback slight wear to jacket. limitd numbered edition. Superb mock leather binding that the MRS are renowned for . Useful Re-enactment prob £45.00

47573 WINGS OF VALOR, WINGS OF GOLD: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF U.S. NAVAL AVIATION / Yarsinske, Amy Waters H.Back, published 1998, 376 pages, illustrated throughout. Large format. Very Good condition. £14.20

47574 Civil Strife in the Midlands, 1642-51 / Sherwood Sherwood. 240p.ill English civil war campaigning in the area. Copies of first edition, hardback near MINT £5.00

47575 WITH MOORE TO CORUNNA: THE DIARY OF ENSIGN CHARLES PAGET, FIFTY-SECOND FOOT. / Esdaile, Charles D, & Reed, Mark (editors H.back. Publ. 2018. 186 pages. Like New. £8.00

47576 UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT OF THE IMPERIAL GERMAN ARMY 1900 - 1918: A STUDY IN PERIOD PHOTOGRAPHS / Woolley, Charles Hardback, published 2000, 314 pages, b&w photographs throughout. Very Good, slight tear to cover, internally mint. £35.00

47577 UNKNOWN ARMIES: PERSIA/IRAN ORGANIZATION, UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA / Abbott, Peter Pamphlet, published 1989, 42 pages, some illustrations. Like New. £12.00

47579 From Solebay to the Texel: The Third Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674 / Barry, Q near mint pbk. 130p. v well illus £10.00

47580 US BATTLESHIPS 1941-1963 AN ILLUSTRATED TECHNICAL REFERENCE / Scarpaci, Wayne Paperback, published 2009, 2nd ed. 142 pages. Like new, very minor shelf wear. £18.45

47581 VIETNAM SCRAPBOOK - AN ARMY PILOT'S COMBAT TOUR / Steinbrunn, Bob Softback, published 2008, 80 pages, illustrated throughout. Very Good. £7.91

47582 Reminiscences 1808-1815 Under Wellington: The Peninsular And Waterloo Memoirs Of William Hay / Hay near mint hardback 160p illus £10.00

47583 Genesis, Employment, Aftermath: First World War Tanks and the New Warfare, 1900-1945 / Searle near mint HBK 240p. illus. Superb study of WWI tank warfare on the Western Front, Russia & Palestine. . Includes the use of Renaults up to 1940 £12.50

47584 FLINT & FEATHER- The Rulebook / - Near MInt Skirmish rules in the Heroic Age of the Great Lakes First Nations. Large format hardback. fully illustrated in colour £31.50

47585 WORLD WAR II ALBUM V.10: FRENCH TANKS CHAR B1 - CHAR D1 - CHAR D2 - CHAR 2C / Merriam, Ray (Ed) Softback, published 2014, 136 pages, b&w photographs throughout. Very Good, some curling to cover corners. £38.29

47586 BY THE EMPEROR's HAND: MILITARY DRESS & COURT REGALIA IN THE LATER ROMAN-BYZANTINE EMPIRE / Dawson large format mint Hardback. well illus in colour by Graham Summers £17.50

47587 GODOY's ARMY: Spanish Regiments and Uniforms 1800 / Esdaile, c 110p. large format pbk. ALL full page colour illus from a contemporary book £0.00

47588 One-leg: Life and Letters of Henry William Paget, K.G., First Marquess of Anglesey, 1768-1854 / Marquess of Anglesey E/C HBK in tatty dust jacket £17.50

47589 IRISH BATTLE: a Military History of Ireland / Hayes-McCoy 320p. near fine Hardback. illus/ Largely C16th & C17th £9.50

47590 Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War / Manchester, W 400p. near fine paperback. Super military memoirs of a US Marine £8.50

47591 Kangzhan: Guide to Chinese Ground Forces 1937-45 / Ness & Shih 570p. well ill near mint pbk. Superb detailed study of the various odd bits of equipment, weapons & equipment £26.50

47592 West Point Atlas of American Wars: Volume 1 1689-1900 and Volume 2 1900-1953 / - 2 massive hardback vols. Good condition but scuffing and damage to cover 700+Pages over 300 maps. Will count as two books for postage £47.50

47593 WORK AND PLAY WITH EX-MILITARY VEHICLES (INCLUDING CANADIAN REGISTER) / Marchant, John W Paperback, published c. 1976, 100 pages, b&w photographs. Very Good, light wear to cover. £7.80

47594 WELLINGTON'S PENINSULAR WAR: BATTLES AND BATTLEFIELDS / Paget, Julian Hardback, published 1990, 286 pages. Very Good condition. Light shelf wear. £15.64

47595 WORLD OF THE SCYTHIANS / Rolle, Renate Hardback, published 1989, 141 pages, illustrated throughout in colour and b&w. Minor shelf wear, small edge trimming error to a small group of pages, does not affect contents. Otherwise clean and unread interior. £25.00