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French Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard 28mm Figures Victrix VX0024-The set includes 12 dynamic charging French Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard, one of Napoleons Elite light cavalry Regiments. Whats in the box? 12 x Figures, 1 x Command Frames & 3 x Trooper Frames. £28.95

Uniforms of Austerlitz: Napoleonic Uniforms of the Grand Armee and the Russian and Austrian Imperial Armies of 1805/EPM Gerard. Paperback. With 300 pages of text and 130 original illustrations . £25.00

Forgotten Battles in Russia 1941 : OPERATION BARBAROSSA - the Frontier Battles./Heath, P Covers the campaign in Russia at the start of Operation Barbarossa, in June 1941, the actions and operations of the first 9 days from the High Arctic to the Black Sea being covered, along with 20 scenarios for all rules systems as well as the Anschluss The War on The Ground system, from Company to Battalion level actions. £30.00

Thirty Years War, 1618 - 1648: The First Global War and the end of Habsburg Supremacy/Pike, J. 520 Pages Hardback. £31.50

GUNFIGHT ROYALE - This game is essentially Gunfighter's Ball in a boardgame format with plastic cartoon figures. game includes: 20 x 20-inch Gameboard(508 x 508 mm), 13 plastic playing pieces (12 gunfighters and one rider), 188 cards (characters, weapons and items, dirty tricks, scenarios, wounds, and reference), 6 Punch boards for tokens and wound chips, 7 dice (3 types) £72.50

Bolt Action Valentine Infantry tank Mk III / V in 28mm - 1/56th

Warlord games one resin & metal vehicle, with stat card and damage markers. £27.50

People's Army of Vietnam (NVA) with Command - RUBICON MODELS 28mm Plastics-30 NVA figures per box - Includes 5 identical sprues (6 figures each) and 1 command sprue - Option to build a NVA command squad including flag bearer and bugler - Contains different webbings and pouches with PRC-10 radio set - Weapons include Type 56 assault rifles, SKS carbines, RPG-7, M1911A1 pistol, and RPD machine gun - 30 x 25mm round lip bases included £33.50

VICTRIX 12mm WWII Soviet Infantry, Heavy Weapons and Command VG12024-. Post free worldwide over if any  figure total over £37.50 Just £27.50

Wargames Illustrated 422-Theme Insurgency Campaigns French Resistance; Punic wars: Russian Civil War armoured Trains : Boxer Rebellions etc etc along with building your army with 3d printing and plenty more. £5.99

H30547 WARLORD EPIC BRITISH HEAVY CAVALRY SPRUE plus BASE / - May be post free 0 £5.99

H30548 WARLORD EPIC FRENCH CAVALRY SPRUE plus BASE / - May be post free £5.99

H30550 JACOBITE '45 REBELLION FLAGS FOR WARGAMERS / - The first of a new range of gaming flags by Nick Buxey. Available in 28mm, 20mm, 15mm and 10mm, these ones are based on the forthcoming book by Stuart Reid, being the ultimate study of the Highland army £4.95

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules

53831 TABLE TOP BATTLES: / - 1st edition 3000BC-1900AD Any scale of figure, very well received SIMPLE rules for any era. 6-28mm figs.GENERAL section of 2nd hand lists Inc sea in Siege: fantasy, Solo wargaming, Campaign rules and Aerial combat Uses a grid based system. £6.95

53832 MORTEM ET GLORIAM BOX SET / - Includes rules plus all the extras EXCEPT Cards. Heavy so will count as 2 items for posting £45.00

53833 BATTLEGROUP BLITZKRIEG - Softback Edition / - New but very slight bend to back cover £14.50

53834 FIELD OF BATTLE : 1700-1900 - PIQUET / - Good condition large format 1st edition with card sheets £11.50

53835 TWILIGHT OF THE SUN KING SCENARIOS VOLUME1 LOUIS XIV AT WAR / - 10 scenarios, maps orbats etc. Like new £12.95

53836 GREEN WOOD & BALL JOURNAL Summer 1972 / - 56p., ill. VGC pbk. part G&B/ GARRISON/ MINOT catalogue part magazine with military articles £15.00


53838 TWO DRAGONS 15m SAMURAI / - Sample pack of 10 different Mounted samurai (full range at ) £11.50

53839 NAPOLEON'S IMPERIAL GUARD: Organization, Uniforms and Weapons / Esposito, G near new. 160p. HBK illus inc colour £9.95

53840 BATTLES FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN 1940-1944 : World War II Scenarios III / - nearly new . A4 full colour . Ten further historical scenarios for Battlegroup Panzer-Grenadier WW2 wargame rules, (or, indeed, any similar wargame rule set). Each scenario provides players with objectives, orders of battle, deployment and terrain maps. The scenarios cover the main periods of fighting in the lands bordering the Mediterranean including Crete, the Western Desert, Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. £12.50

53841 For a Parliament Freely Chosen: The Rebellion of Sir George Booth, 1659 / Abram, A 202p. like new illus pbk £15.00

53842 BEYOND THE EMPIRE: Wargames rules for engagements with small forces on the Back of Beyond and other places 1918-1939 / Swan, Chris New but slight campaign damage to cover £15.00

53843 VALLEY FORGE: A Genesis for Command and Control, Continental Army Style / Benninghoff near new pbk. The influences on command and control and it's development during the AWI Covers American & British £14.00

53844 FIRST PENINSULAR WAR 1702-1713: The War of the Spanish Succession in Iberia / Francis Hardback,. 440 pages. Good condition - ex library book, usual stamps and stickers,. scarce Campaign History £40.00

53845 MONTROSE / Wedgewood, CV 170p. nearly new illustrated hardback biog £4.50

53846 FIELD OF GLORY 3rd edition: ARMY LISTS Vol 3) EARLY- LATE MEDIEVAL / - Very good condition pbk £16.00

53847 RAMILLES : Marlborough's masterpiece / Litten 200p., ill hbk. near fine. Partizan Press £11.50


53849 Generals of Saratoga – John Burgoyne & Horatio Gates: / Mintz new mint HBk. illus £17.50

53850 Armies of the Greek and Persian wars: Campaigns, organisation, tactics, dress & weapons / Nelson WRG: Excellent condition American printing of this classic £25.00

53851 Armies and Enemies of Ancient Egypt and Assyria: Egyptian, Nubian, Asiatic, Libyan, Hittite, Sea Peoples, Assyrian, Aramaean (Syrian), Hebrew, ... Babylonian, Scythian, 3200 B.C.-612 B.C / Buttery WRG: Excellent condition American printing of this classic £55.00

53852 History of the Irish Insurrection of 1798: Giving an Authentic accounts of the various battles / Hay 420p. nearly new facsimile pbk £5.00

53853 In the Words of Napoleon: The Emperor Day by Day / - 412p. new hardback. Napoleon's diary of events and thoughts £6.00

53854 BOLT ACTION: D-DAY BRITISH & CANADIAN SECTORS / - nearly new £13.50

53855 BOLT ACTION: D-DAY : AMERICAN SECTORS / - near fine pbk £13.50

53856 Napoleon's Mercenaries: Foreign Units in the French Army Under the Consulate and Empire, 1799-1814 / Dempsey near new hardback, 350p ill £15.00

53857 DUTCH WEAPONS OF THE C17th + C18th / - Auction catalogue. 240 lots , 300+ photos largely pistols, some swords & muskets £22.00

53858 FLAMES OF WAR: IRON CROSS GERMAN GRENADIER COMPANY BOX SET / GEAB23 21 infantry teams and 10 guns. New but damaged box- contents perfect £49.50

53859 THE GATLING's JAMMED / Danes. S near fine pbk . Using concepts from the GENERAL DE BRIGADE system but upgunned for larger actions £10.00

53860 BATTLE: PRACTICAL WARGAMING EXPANDED EDITION / Grant, C, CS & CM nearly new PBK expanded edition with the extra 6 chapters. £18.50

53861 VICTRIX GREEK LIGHT CAVALRY: 28mm / - 12 riders - all complete weapons., shield etc , just 2 broken horses giving 10 £19.95

53862 OSPREY CAMPAIGNS : NEW £9.50 EACH - choose 1 or more from / - THE JEWISH REVOLT: FIRST AFGHAN WAR 1839-42 : FAL GELB 1940 volume 2: THE BURMA ROAD 1943-44 (IN GENERAL section of the 2nd hand catalogue) £9.50

53863 MAIDA 1806: A FORGOTTEN VICTORY / Stewart near new illus hardback £6.50

53864 MONTCALM & WOLFE / Parkman 600p. VGC hardback. classic military biographies £6.00

53865 Hannibal's Road: The Second Punic War in Italy 213-203 BC / roberts 280p nearly new illus hardback. Concentrates on the most remarkable aspects of his military campaigns £6.00

53866 Napoleon's Line Cavalry: Recreated in Colour Photographs: No 10 (Europa Militaria Special) / - 100p. 200+ all colour photos. excellent condition pbk £6.00

53867 De re militari et bello tractatus 1563 / Belli, P 400p. near fine hardback. English Translation. Important & Influential discourse on the non military aspects of warfare- Law, supply, prisoners, deserters, plunder, punishments etc £35.00

53868 Halbkettenfahrzeuge: German Half-track Vehicles Plus AFRIKA KORPS / - 2 illustrated ALmark publication pamphlets- blast from the past for many £6.50

53869 Gebirgsjäger: German mountain troops plus Panzer-jäger: German self-propelled anti-tank guns, 1939-1945 (Wehrmacht illustrated) / - 2 illustrated ALmark publication pamphlets- blast from the past for many £6.50

53870 Charlie Wesencraft’s Practical Wargaming / - -like new pbk. 7 sets of rules covering all te major periods £15.00

53871 Treatise of Artillery: Of the Arms and Machines Used in War Since the Invention of Gunpowder 1746 / Le blond 140p. Quality facsimile hardback of the 1746 edition . Inc pull out diagrams. number 200 of a limited edition of 700 £30.00

53872 WARGAMERS DIGEST Volume 1 issue 1 1973 / - Scarce US Table top gaming magazine. excellent condition £10.00

53873 ROUSSELOT PLATE 11 - CHASSEURS A CHEVAL 1804-1814. / - Reprint. Very Large format. 2 sheets of colour illus plus4 pages of notes in French with typed English translation plus Historex postcard of the same types £109.50

53874 QUICK AND THE UNDEAD: Survivalist gaming in Apocalyptic times / Bollands, Wayne VGC pbk. Designed for fighting the Undead, but easily adaptable for Human on Human survivalist games Excellent for single scenario, or Campaign. Random generation of buildings, Loot and other features makes this ideal for SOLO play. Players are either human or Zombie (se GENERAL section of the 2nd hand list) £7.25

53875 VIVA LA REVOLUTION, VIVA MEXICO: A WARGAMER's GUIDE TO REFIGHTING THE MEXICAN REOLUTION 1910-1920 / - new crease to cover. 130p. Large format full colour pbk. Scenarios for Battles & skirmishes; Real & hypothetical foreign intervention etc £22.50

53877 YORK WAITS: THE PUNKS DELIGHT: CASSETTE of C17th songs / - - £7.50

53878 HISTORY OF THE WAR IN THE PENINSULA AND THE SOUTH OF FRANCE volume III / Napier near new hardback 510p. Covers mainly 1808 £5.00

53879 An Officer's Manual of the Western Front: 1914-1918 / - 160p. illus near mint hardback Extracts from various training manuals. YTRenchworks, weapons, etc £5.00

53880 Album of the Guide à l usage des Artistes et des Costumiers : description of the Uniforms of the French Army from 1780 to 1848. / Malibran 940p. massive tome! very good condition hbk. FRENCH TEXT £49.50