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H27157 LETTERS FROM NORTH AMERICA 1758-1761 : Parson Robert Macpherson, 78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders) / Macpherson, R 76p. mint pbk. First publication of the personal accounts, a veteran of Louisberg, the Plains of ABraham and the little known battle of Sillery, 1760 £18.50

H27158 ORDERLY BOOKS OF THE 78th REGIMENT OF FOOT 1758-1759 / Clephane, Major James 66p. Clephane was Stationed at the new and incomplete Fort Stanwix (New York), with 400 Highlanders and a company of Roger's Rangers £18.50

H27159 SERIES OF MILITARY EXPERIMENTS OF ATTACK AND DEFENCE... WITH INFANTRY CAVALRY & ARTILLERY 1805 / - 250-p. facsimile pbk reprint. some very interesting ideas and conclusions- Guns firing obliquely, rounds per minute, distance per minute. shots before overheating, etc etc Useful for Mid C18th- Napoleonic wars £14.50

H27160 PRACTICE OF MANOEUVRING A BATTALION OF INFANTRY 1770 / - Facsimile inc colour plates. Amazingly includes the use of early Kriegspiel £14.00

H27161 BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE IN BELGIUM AND ARTOIS 19140 / WAR OFFICE Mint paperback reprint of a 1946 publication. 370pp. This is the official record of the operations of the BEF in Belgium and Artois from the day the Germans moved against the West on 10 May 1940 to 3 June, at which time Dunkirk was a harbour known to every British man and woman. It is a detailed account of operations and is accompanied by 11 maps in a separate folder £47.50

H27162 BLOOD & PLUNDER: No Peace Beyond the Line / - Pirate rules supplement £37.50

H27163 GANGS OF ROME: Bread and Circuses Scenario Starter Box Set / - post free world wide £47.50

H27164 DEATH FIELDS Raumjäger Infantry - 24 hard plastic heroic 28mm sci-fi troops / - WAADF001 . New kid on the plastic block. Release date End of April. Post free worldwide special pre-order price £22.00

H27165 SKELETON WARRIORS - 32 hard plastic 28mm warriors / - WAACF001 New kid on the plastic block. Release date End of April. Post free worldwide special pre-order price £22.00

H27166 AGE OF BRONZE - WARLORD GAMES - HAIL CAESAR / - Shipping now £22.50

H27167 ROADS TO VIENNA: 1809 / Hopper, M Contains 18 scenarios providing detailed orders of battle and maps for battalion/brigade level rules. Third in the series £27.50

H27169 Tracts Relating to Military Proceedings in Lancashire During the Great Civil War: Commencing With the Removal, by Parliament, of James Lord Strange, ... and Terminating With His Execution at Bolton by George Ormerod / Ormerod 350p. facsimile pbk reprint of this classic account of the ECW in Lancashire area £18.99

H27170 TRIUMPH OF CHAOS : THE RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR V2 DELUXE EDITION / - Bigger map, more counters cards, etc 2 player military board game. £125.00

H27171 APOCALYPSE IN THE EAST: THE RISE OF THE 1st CALIPHATE 646-656AD-AGAINST THE ODDS 48 / - MAGAZINE WITH FREE HEX STRATEGIC BOARDWARGAME. Byzantine vs Arabs. Easy, low solitaire. 2 players 3-5 hours.Inc Bonus German Eastern Front counter-attack, Christmas 1942./ £39.50

47807 HISTORY OF THE PENINSULAR WAR : All 7 volumes / Oman,. Sir Charles Near fine Greenhill Red cover paperback set- Postage will be charged as 3 books only £135.00

47808 MEMOIRS OF THE INVASION OF FRANCE, 1814 / Fain, Baron Hardback, published 1991, a facsimile of 1834 edition, 412 pages. Very good condition. £6.50

47809 MEMOIRS OF PHILIPPE DE COMMYNES VOLUME ONE / Kinser, Samuel (Ed.) Hardback, published 1969 1st ed, 368 pages. Very good condition, d/jacket has slight shelf wear on spine £20.00

47810 VENN's MILITARY & MARITIME DISCIPLINE 1672: In Three Books... Military Observations on Tactics put into Practice for the Exercise of Horse and ... Military Architecture... the Compleat Gunner / Venn, Thomas Softback, published 2016, 488 pages, diagrams and illustrations. Very good condition, slight shelf wear to cover. £18.00

47811 ELEMENTS OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE / Halleck, H. Wagner Softback, modern facsimile of 1862 original. 464 pages. Very good condition. £30.00

47812 MILITARY DRESS OF THE PENINSULAR WAR / WINDROW, Martin Hardback, pub. 1991, 200 pages, illustrated in b&w with 20 colour plates. Very good condition, slight tear to dust jacket. £12.00

47813 NORFOLK IN THE CIVIL WAR: A PORTRAIT OF A SOCIETY IN CONFLICT / Ketton-Cremer, R. W. Hardback, pub. 1969, 382 pages. Good, some scuffing to dust jacket else very good for age. £11.50

47814 LOYAL AND ANCIENT CITY: THE CIVIL WAR IN LICHFIELD / Clayton, Howard Hardback, published 1987, 175 pages, illustrated in colour and b&w. Very good condition, dust jacket has a small tear but mint internally. £11.00

47815 PRINCE RUPERT OF THE RHINE / Morrah, Patrick Hardback, pub. 1976, 1st ed, 480 pages, illustrated in b&w. Very good condition, minor shelf wear. Price clipped. £7.00

47816 EDGEHILL 1642: THE CAMPAIGN & THE BATTLE / Young, Peter Hardback, first edition published 1967, 344 pages. 49 b&w plates. Very good condition, internally mint, dust jacket has some scuffing. Price clipped. £10.00

47817 CHERITON 1644: THE CAMPAIGN & THE BATTLE / Adair, John Hardback, pub. 1973 (1st edition), 233 pages, 30 colour and b&w plates. Very good, small tear to price clipped dust jacket otherwise mint. £28.00

47818 MILITARY DRAWINGS AND PAINTINGS IN THE ROYAL COLLECTION. VOLUME ONE (PLATES) AND VOLUME TWO (TEXT) / Haswell Miller, A. E. & Dawnay, N. P. Hardback, 1969/70. Two volumes. Vol. one plates, good condition, ex-library, tears and scuffing to dust jacket. Vol. two text, very good condition, near mint. £40.00

47819 CROMWELLIAN GAZETTEER: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BRITAIN IN THE CIVIL WAR AND COMMONWEALTH / Gaunt, Peter Hardback, pub. 1987, 242 pages, b&w illustrations. Like new. £5.00

47820 LETTER BOOKS OF SIR WILLIAM BRERETON VOLUME I (JANUARY 31ST - MAY 29TH 1645) / Dore, R. N. (Editor) Hardback, published 1984, 534 pages. Like new. £43.30

47821 FAIRFAX: GENERAL OF PARLIAMENT'S FORCES IN THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR / Wilson, John Hardback, pub. 1985, 215 pages, some b&w illustrations. Very good condition. £5.00

47822 GENERAL D'ARMEE NAPOLEONIC RULES / Dave Brown mint but crease to back cover £18.50

47823 Army Of James II, 1685-1688 / Ede-Borrett 200p v well illus near mint pbk £11.50

47824 GOING TO THE WARS: The Experience of the British Civil Wars 1638-1651 / Carlton, C Carlton 430p. VG/C PBK. Despite some flawed statistics an essential part of any ECW £5.00

47825 TEMPLARS / Gomez 50p . Osprey style book fully illustrated in colour. Near mint £9.50

47826 HANNIBAL's ARMY : Carthage against Rome / Canales 50p . Osprey style book fully illustrated in colour. Near mint £9.50

47827 NAPOLEONIC ARTILLERY / Dawson, A. L. , Dawson, P. L. & Summerfield Hardback, published 2007, 320 pages, well illustrated throughout. Like new, slight scuffing to dust jacket, else mint. £15.00

47828 NAPOLEON'S WAR IN SPAIN / Tranie, J. & Carmigniani, J. Hardback, published 1982, 191 pages, illustrated throughout. Very good condition. £12.00

47829 ANGLO-BOER WAR 1899-1902: A PICTORIAL HISTORY / Meintjes, Johannes hardback, large format, pub. 1978, 192 pages, b&w photographs throughout. Good, tatty dust jacket, internally mint. £8.00

47830 PANZER I & II: BLUEPRINT FOR BLITZKRIEG 1933-1941 (TANKCRAFT No.7) / Jackson, Robert Softback, pub. 2018, 64 pages, an excellent source of reference for the modeller, providing details of available kits, together with artworks showing the colour schemes applied to these tanks. Like new. £6.00

47831 HISTORICAL MAPS OF WORLD WAR II: EUROPE / Swift, M & Sharpe, M Hardback, pub. 2000, 144 pages. Very good condition. £5.00

47832 HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ARMY (VOLUME XII 1839-1852) / Fortisque Paperback, pub. 2004, 578 pages. Very good condition. Minor shelf wear. £19.50

47833 HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ARMY (VOLUME XIII 1852-1870) / Fortisque Paperback, pub. 2004, 598 pages. Very good condition, minor shelf wear. £19.00

47834 GREAT AND CLOSE SIEGE OF YORK 1644 / Wenham, Peter Hardback, pub. 1970, 250 pages, line drawings and plates. Very good condition, price clipped otherwise a fine copy. £8.50

47835 PLACE OF GREAT IMPORTANCE: SCARBOROUGH IN THE CIVIL WARS 1640-1660 / Binns, Jack Hardback, pub. 1996, 305 pages, illustrated. Like new, mint copy. £30.00

47836 CAMPAIGNS OF ALEXANDER OF TUNIS 1940-1945 / Stewart, Adrian Hardback, pub. 2008, 264 pages, b&w photographs. Like new. Mint. £5.25

47837 IN PURSUIT OF HITLER: A BATTLEFIELD GUIDE TO BAVARIA / Rawson, Andrew Hardback, pub. 2008, 288 pages, illustrated throughout. Like new. Mint. £9.00

47838 NAPOLEON'S CAMPAIGN IN POLAND 1806-7 / Petre, F. Loraine Hardback, pub. 2016, 354 pages. Like new. Mint £5.00

47839 CONNECTICUT UNSCATHED: VICTORY IN THE GREAT NARRAGANSETT WAR 1675-1676 / Warren, Jason W. Hardback, pub. 2014, 249 pages. Like new. Mint. £25.00

47840 WARLORDS: ANCIENT CELTIC - MEDIEVAL / Newark, T 440p. v well illus inc colour plates by Angus McBride. near mint pbk £6.50

47841 Imperial Bayonets: Napoleonic Tactics / Nafziger, George near Mint hardback. Latest edition £12.50

47842 Don Troiani's Civil War / - large format full colour hardback. near fine 200p. £9.75

47843 WAR & SOCIETY IN THE 17TH CENTURY / Clark, George Hardback, 1958 first edition, 157 pages. Very good condition, near mint. £4.00

47844 LEIPZIG CAMPAIGN 1813 / Maude, F. N. Col Paperback, pub. 2007, 236 pages. Like new, mint. £11.00

47845 GODOY's ARMY: Spanish Regiments and Uniforms 1800 / Esdaile & Perry 110p. large format pbk. ALL full page colour illus from a contemporary book £12.50

47846 MEMOIRS OF A SERGEANT: THE 43RD LIGHT INFANTRY DURING THE PENINSULAR WAR / Anon. Paperback, pub. 2005, 238 pages. Originally published 1835. Like new. £12.50

47847 ARMS AND UNIFORMS: ANCIENT EGYPT TO THE 18TH CENTURY / Funcken, Liliane & Fred Hardback, pub. 1972, 155 pages, illustrated in colour. Good condition but tatty dust jacket. £5.50

47848 ARMS AND UNIFORMS: THE SECOND WORLD WAR PART 1 / Funcken, Liliane & Fred Hardback, pub. 1975, 120 pages, illustrated in colour. Good condition overall. Light foxing to some pages. £8.50

47849 CROPREDY BRIDGE, 1644: THE CAMPAIGN & THE BATTLE. / Toynbee, Margaret & Young, Peter Hardback, pub. 1970, 156 pages. Good condition, dust jacket price clipped and off centre otherwise very good. £20.00

47850 NASEBY 1645: THE CAMPAIGN AND THE BATTLE / Young, Peter Hardback, pub. 1985, ROUNDWOOD PRESS EDITION393 pages. Like new, mint. £25.00

47851 MARSTON MOOR 1644: THE CAMPAIGN & THE BATTLE. / Young, Peter Hardback, pub. 1970, 307 pages. Very good, dust jacket price clipped otherwise a fine copy. £22.50

47852 ROMAN ARMY: A HISTORY 753BC - AD476 / Southern, Patricia Hardback, pub. 2014, 544 pages, colour and b&w photographs. Like new, minimal shelf wear. £21.00

47853 SIR JOHN HAWKWOOD: CHIVALRY AND THE ART OF WAR / Cooper, Stephen Hardback, pub. 2008, 208 pages, b&w photographs. Like new, mint. £10.00

47854 ROUNDHEAD TO ROYALIST: A BIOGRAPHY OF COLONEL JOHN BIRCH 1615-1691 / Heath-Agnew, E Hardback, pub. 1977, 236 pages, b&w illustrations. Very good, price clipped. £15.00

47855 SIR RICHARD GRENVILLE OF THE CIVIL WAR with SIR BEVIL GRENVILLEAND HIS TIMES / - 2 near fine hardbacks, one lot of postage - classic accounts of ECW in Cornwall and beyond £15.00

47856 Next to Wellington. General Sir George Murray: The Story of a Scottish Soldier and Statesman, Wellington’s Quartermaster General (From Reason to Revolution) Next to Wellington. General Sir George Murray: The Story of a Scottish Soldier and Statesman, Wellington’s Quartermaster General / John Harding-Edgar 400p. near mint Hardback military biography £14.50