Thanks to those of you who jumped several hurdles to get into SALUTE. WARFARE in Ascot should be a tad easier.

The new Osprey Roman wargames rules, and indeed all the latest Ospreys, are flying out. International post seems to be behaving itself, so plenty of time for our overseas friends to get your Xmas orders in.

LA CUCARACHA! : Wargames rules for engagements with small forces during the Mexican Revolution/Chris Swan 95 pages. Full colour. Skirmish rules 20mm-54mm Plus scenarios, including the "what if's" of foreign Intervention £18.50

Dark Age Irish - Gripping Beast - GBP31

28mm Hard Plastic Figures - Contains 5 sprues of plastic Dark Age Irish warrior parts. Each sprue has 5 different bodies, 7 different heads, 5 large round shields, 5 bucklers, 3 different Irish cloaks, 4 spear arms, plus all the arms you need including one holding a short-sword, one with a hand-axe, a set of arms to use with the included Dane-axe plus a couple of extra axes and a short-sword in scabbard. These make up 25 figures in a wide variety of poses. £16.00 (Buy 2- get post free worldwide)

EPIC BATTLES : Waterloo Campaign British Starter Set -

Warlord Games 15mm scale. British Starter Set - 10 Units of Line Infantry, 3 Units of 95th Rifles, 1 Unit of Heavy Dragoons, 1 Unit of Scots Greys, 1 Unit of Household Cavalry, 1 Unit of Hussars, 1 Unit of Light Dragoons, 16 Artillery Pieces, 9 Brigade Commanders, La Belle Alliance MDF Scenery Piece and a Bespoke A5 Softback Black Powder: Epic Battles Rulebook  pre-order post free world wide £69.99

EPIC BATTLES : Waterloo Campaign French Starter Set -  pre-order post free world wide £69.99

The list below includes some of the Duncan Macfarlane Book Collection, with proceeds going to the Gurkha Welfare Trust. If you need anything, just email us.

52293 Ciudad Rodrigo 1810 : el desafío de Herrasti / Mas 130p. near fine pbk. SPANISH TEXT . v well illus inc colour uniform plates £30.00

52294 CAVALRY IN THE WATERLOO CAMPAIGN / WOOD Near mint Worley facsimile hardback £13.50

52295 CHARGING AGAINST WELLINGTON: French Cavalry in the Peninsula War 1807-1814 / Burnham Mint hbk 380p £9.50

52296 Der römische Limes in Österreich: Führer zu den archäologischen Denkmälern / - 320p. near mint pbk. GERMAN TEXT v wel illus inc pull out maps £17.50

52297 Hold the Marianas: The Japanese Defense of the Mariana Islands by D. Colt Denfeld / Denfeld 250p. illus VGC hardback £49.50

52298 Roer River Battles: Germany s Stand at the Westwall, 1944 45 / Higgins new but very slight damage to cover. 260p. illus inc tactical maps £23.00

52299 Eyes of the Fleet: Popular History of Frigates and Frigate Captains, 1793-1815 / Price 300p. near mint hbk £5.00

52300 RESISTING THE NAZI INVADER / Ward MINT hardback. large format v well illus inc colour. A fascinating insight into Churchill's Auxiliary Units and well illustrated £5.00

52301 Rise and Fall of the German Air Force, 1933-45 / H. A. Probert Hd.back.423 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £5.00

52302 Surry Light Artillery and Martin's Wright's Coffin's Batteries of Virginia Artillery / Wallace, Lee A. Jr. Hd.back.Publ.1995.156 pages.Some illustr. in bl. and wh..Cond. mint. Linen cover. Ltd edition printing.Number 417 of 1,000. £80.00

52304 Overlord: The D-Day Landings / Ford & Zaloga Hd.back.Osprey publ.2009.368 full colour and bl. and wh..Cond. near fine. Like new. £15.00

52305 Burning of Washington: The British Invasion of 1814 / Pitch near fine hbk 300p. eyewitnes accounts and a US perspective of the campaign £8.95

52306 Armed Forces of South Africa 1659-1946 with an appendix on the commandos / Tylden, Naj 240p. illus. good condition, wear to spine .Scarce study of Units and uniforms £29.50

52307 Borderstrike!: South Africa hits SWAPO Bases in Angola / STeenkamp 270p. vgc Hbk v well illus inc lots of tactical maps £30.00

52308 War of a Hundred Days: Springboks in Somalia and Abyssinia, 1940-41 / Brown 300p. near fine HBK well illus. £29.50

52310 Phil Sheridan and His Army / Hutton, Paul, Andrew. P.back . 479 pages. Cond. very good. £8.50

52311 Cavalry Surgeon: Recollections / Sylvester, John Henry. Hd.back.556 bl. and wh.Cond. very good. £8.00

52312 Cavalry that Broke Napoleon: The King�s Dragoon Guards at Waterloo / Goldsbrough, Richard. Near mint hardback 250p. Illustr. in bl. and wh. £5.00

52313 Ceremonial Swords of Britain: State and Civic Swords / Barrett, Edward MBE full colour and bl. and wh..Cond. very goodStill in unoped shrink wrap. Mint. £17.50

52314 Capetian France 987 - 1328 / Hallam, Elizabeth M. P BK, 366P, IIllustr. in bl. and wh. Cond. like new. £7.95

52315 Where both the hosts fought : The Rebellions of 1469 - 1470 and the Battles of Edgecote and Lose-Cote-Field / Haigh 200p. near fine pbk £9.50

52316 Das deutsche Bundesheer. Nach dem Uniformwerk aus den Jahren 1835 bis 1843 / - -600+p near fine hardback German text BUT a staggering 421 colour plates each with 2-3 uniforms per plate covering all the German states £25.00

52317 Assassin's Mark: A Novel of the Spanish Civil War / Ebsworth, David. P.back . 326 pages. Cond. like new. A Jack Telford novel. £5.25

52318 An accurate and impartial narrative of the war, by an officer of the Guards. In two volumes. Comprising the campaigns of 1793, 1794, and the retreat ... The third edition, enlarged. .. Volume 2 of 2 / - P.back . 135 pages. Cond. new. £13.50

52319 Lincoln's Cavalrymen: A History of the Mounted Forces of the Army of the Potomac / Longacre, Edward G Hd.back. 470 bl. and new.Looks unread. £30.00

52320 Philippine War, 1899-1902 (Modern War Studies) / Linn, Brian McAllister Hd.back. 427 bl. and wh.Cond. like new. Small surface wear only. £29.00

52321 Castles of God: Fortified Religious Buildings of the World / Harrison, Peter. H.back. Publ. 2004. 304 pages. Illustrated in colour, bl.and wh. throughout. Cond.Like new.light surface wear only. £24.50

52322 Castles of God: Fortified Religious Buildings of the World / Harrison, Peter P.back . 304 pages. Bl. and wh. illustr.Cond. like new. £16.00

52323 ITALIAN ORDER OF BATTLE WORLD WAR II Vol 3 / Nafziger, George F. P.back . Approx. 90 pages. Cond. new. £29.50

52324 Volume Two Classic Gunfights Blaze Away ! The 25 Gunfights Behind the O.K. Corral. / Bell, Bob Boze P.back . 128 pages. Cond. new. £34.00

52325 Classic Gunfights: 3 / Bell, Bob Boze P.back . 128 pages. Fully illustrated.Cond. new. £34.00

52326 Narrative of a Ten Years Residence at Tripoli in Africa: From the Original Correspondence in the Possession of the Family of the Late Richard Tully, Esq / Tully Esq, Richard Hd.back. 376 pages.Cond. new book,minor shelf edge wear. £18.50

52327 Campaign of Liao-Yang with maps and plans. / Rowan-Robinson, H. (Henry) b. 1873. P.back . Facsimile reprint. 290 pages. Cond. new. £16.00

52328 Cambridge Modern History Volume IV The Thirty Years" War. / Lord Acton Hd.back.Publ.1906.1000 pages. Cond. good. £55.00

52329 Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: The Middle Ages, 768–1487 / Hooper & Bennett Hd.back. 192 full colour and bl. and wh.throughout.Cond. very good/like new. £5.00

52330 CAMPAIGN OF TRAFALGAR 1803-1805 / Gardiner Robert H/BK, PUB 1997,192 P,BLK WHITE ILLUSTRATED,COND. VERY GOOD. £5.00

52331 Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: Renaissance to Revolution, 1492–1792 / Black, Jeremy. Hd.back.Large format.191 full colour throughout.Cond. very good. Light surface wear only. £9.50

52332 Canadian Brothers or the Prophecy Fulfilled: A Tale of the Late American War / Richardson, John P.back . 79 pages. Slight shelf wear and minor crease to top corner. Internally excellent. £16.00

52333 Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac: A Critical History of Operations in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, from the Commencement to the Close of the War / Swinton, W Hd.back.630p. large VGC hardback. maps. £15.00

52334 Campaigns of Alexander of Tunis 1940-1945 / Stewart, Adrian H.Back. Publ 2008. 264 pages. Illus Black and White. New £5.00

52335 Campaigns of Alexander of Tunis 1940-1945 / Stewart, Adrian H.Back. Publ 2008. 264 pages. Illus Black and White. New £5.00

52336 CAMPAIGNS OF MONTROSE / Reid, Stuart 1 only 200 pages. Some maps.Near Mint HBK Groundbreaking campaign history. £25.00

52337 Campaign in Russia: Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front / Degrelle, Leon Near fine hbk in library style plastic jacket. Memoirs of the Walloon brigade by its leader £25.00

52338 Campaigns for Vicksburg 1862–63: Case Studies in Challenges, from Adversity to Triumph to Disaster ( / Dougherty Near mint hd.back.240 pages. BL. and wh. photographs. £8.50

52340 War In The Early Modern World, 1450-1815 (Warfare and History) / Black, Jeremy. P.back . 268 pages. Cond. like new.Looks unread.Near mint. £29.99

52341 Wars Of Imperial Conquest In Africa, 1830-1914 (Warfare and History) / Vandervort, Bruce. P.back . 274 pages. Cond. like new. Near mint. £6.00

52342 Africa's Armies: From Honor to Infamy:A History From 1791 to the Present. / Edgerton, Robert B. P.back . 328 pages. Bl. and wh. illustr. Cond. like new. £8.00

52343 First World War in Africa / Strachan, Hew. P.back . 224 pages. Cond. new.Tiny knock to corner of front cover. £18.00

52344 Urgent Imperial Service: South African Forces in German South West Africa, 1914-15: No 4 (South Africans at War S.) / L'ange. Gerald. Hd.back. 352 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £27.50

52345 Skorzeny's Special Missions: The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Daring Commando / Skorzeny, Otto. P.back . 221 pages. Bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. like new. £7.50

52346 Red Baron Combat Wing: Jagdgeschwader Richthofen in Battle / Kilduff, Peter Hd.back.288 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £6.95

52347 Napoleon's Mercenaries: Foreign Units in the French Army Under the Consulate and Empire, 1799-1814 / Dempsey, Guy C. full colour and bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £13.50

52348 Rhodesian War / Moorcraft & McLaughlin P.back . 208 pages. Bl. and wh. photographs. Cond. like new. £14.00

52350 Blue Helmets: The Strategy of UN Military Operations (Association of the United States Army S.) / Hillen, John. Hd.back. 312 pages.Cond. like new. £6.00

52351 Memoirs of Baron Larrey: Surgeon-in-chief of the Grand Armee / Larrey, Baron Hd.back.Facsimile repr. 1997. 274 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Light surface wear only. £35.00

52352 A Most Pernicious Thing: Gun Trading and Native Warfare in the Early Contact Period / Given, Brian J. P BK, 138P, Cond. new.Mint. £30.00

52353 Canoneers in Gray: The Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee, 1861-1865 (Alabama Fire Ant) / Daniel, Larry J. P.back . 268 pages. Cond. like new. Near fine. £18.95

52354 Ottoman Warfare, 1500-1700 (Warfare and History) / Murphey, Rhoads. P.back . 278 pages. Bl. and wh. illustr. Cond. like new. Near fine. £27.00

52355 Major General Adam Stephen and the Cause of American Liberty by Harry M. Ward / Ward, Harry M. Hd.back. 314 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. Looks unread. £130.00

52356 Continent Ablaze: Insurgency Wars in Africa 1960 to the Present / Turner, John W. Hd.back.Publ.280 bl. and wh..Cond. no dust cover. Book itself in very good. £15.95

52357 Tannenberg: Clash of Empires, 1914 / Showalter, Dennis E. Hd.back. Still in unopened shrink wrap. Mint. £38.00

52358 Khakee Ressalah: Service & adventure with the Meerut Volunteer Horse during the Indian Mutiny. 1857-1858. / Dunlop, Robert Henry Wallace. P.back . 132 pages. Bl. and wh. illustr. Cond. new. £8.75

52359 British Arms in North China and Japan: Peking 1860; Kagosima 1862 / Rennie 400p. near fine facsimile pbk £11.50

52360 Battles of St. Albans / Burley 182p. near fine pbk. v well illus £5.00