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Softback 102 pgs. For KILLER KATANAS II but useful for any This book deals with the Imjin War, fought between the invading Japanese and the Ming and Choson Dynasties. Supplemental siege rules that introduce the use of siege engines, and seven scenarios:£34.50

DATE'S BATTLES : Suriagehara & Domyoji

While intended for use as a scenario supplement for the Killer Katanas 2 miniatures rules, this book has much more to offer than the title suggests.£25.00


Amended version now in print/. Classic WWII Naval rules. completely revised 3rd Edition, same basic game mechanics, 590+ ships and 90+ aircraft specs, well tested rule set.£42.50

Forgotten Battles :- The Italian Campaign - September 1943 to February 1944/Anschluss Publishing. This book is aimed at providing WW2 gamers with a series of scenarios which cover a range of types of engagements, unit size and variety of opposing forces, including the first appearance of both Italian partisans and Italian troops fighting on the Allied side. £21.50


Beck, Stephen. 50p. large format pbk. A collection of some of Beck's iconic ECW illustrations. Limited numbered edition. Few only, near mint £12.50

European Weapons and Warfare 1618-1648/ Wagner. Essential ECW & 30YW reading. Large format pbk all colour illus. Laminated cover £29.95

CHURCHILL GUN CARRIER - FLAMES OF WAR  Contains 2x Churchill GC (3-inch) Tanks and 4x Unit Just £14.50

TOG 2 17 PDR - -FLAMES OF WAR. Contains 2x TOG 2* (17 pdr) tanks and 2x Unit. Only £14.50

BOARHOUND 75MM ARMOURED CARS - BX69   Boarhound (57mm) Armoured Cars and 2x Unit Cards Just £14.50

T14 57MM ASSAULT TANKS -Contains 2x T14 (75mm) tanks and 6x Unit Cards  Only £14.50

BISON 15CM SELF PROPELLED GUNS   2x Bison (15cm) Self-propelled Guns and 2x Unit Cards. Just £14.50

TIGER P 8.8CM TANKS - GBX189 -  2x Tiger (P) (8.8cm) Tanks and 2x Unit Cards. Only £14.50

H29920 Military Intellectual and Battle, The: Raimondo Montecuccoli and the Thirty Years War / Barker & Montecuccoli 250p. near mint Hbk 1 only. Vital memoirs for understanding C17th combat . Inc editor's discussion of formations etc, + pull out diagrams £115.00

As always, we have a bunch of 2nd hand and shop-soiled stock newly available.

52952 Battles with Model Soldiers / Featherstone, Donald. Hd.back. bl. and wh..Cond. good. No dust cover. £7.00

52953 Campaigns of Napoleon: The Mind and Method of History's Greatest Soldier / Chandler 1,200p. near fine Hardback £65.00

52954 Napoleon's War in Spain: French Peninsular Campaigns, 1807-14 / Lachouque -VGC large format Hardback. v wel ill inc colour uniforms £6.00

52955 Death or Victory: The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of Empire / Snow, Dan Hd.back. 534 pages. Some bl. and wh. illustr.Cond. very good. Light shelf edge wear. £5.00

52956 Antietam 1862: The Civil War's Bloodiest Day (Praeger Illustrated Military History) / Stevens, Norman Hd.back. 96 colour and bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £12.50

52957 David Porter German Tanks of World War II / Porter, David P.back . 224 pages. Full colour illustrations. Cond. like new. £9.50

52959 With Napoleon's Guard in Russia / Vionett, Louis Joseph Hd.back.Publ.1990.209 pages. Bl. and wh. illustr. Cond. new. £8.25

52960 Spanish Ulcer : A History of the Peninsular War / Gates, David Hd.back. 557 pages. Bl. and wh. illustr. Cond. very good. £11.95

52961 Battle Tactics of Napoleon and His Enemies / Nosworthy, Brent. Hd.back. 516 pages. Cond. good. £18.95

52962 CROSSING OF THE LIMAT IN 1799 & THE RHINE IN 1800 / Dedon, Chef de brigade d'artillerie 102p. large format near mint pobk translation. Dedon formed one of the first pontoonier units and his memoirs offer a unique insight into different aspects of Napoleonic campaigning £30.00

52963 FORT LIGONONIER & ITS TIMES: a history of the first English fort west of the Allegheny Mountains and an account of many thrilling / sipe 680p. near fine hardback AMERICAN FRONTIER Series. Facsimile of 1932 study. Built in 1758 . French Indian wars and AWI £45.00

52964 ARMIES AND UNIFORMS OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: III) Coalition Forces - Austria, Sweden & Russia / Woods 96p uniform guide inc colour plates. MInt but crease to cover £14.50

52965 PREPARATIONS FOR THE GERMAN OFFENSIVE IN THE ARDENNES / Schramm near mint pbk reprint 300p. This account of the German preparations for the attack was written by Maj Schramm, who was the official German war historian. It gives details of the planning, and the changes in plan, before the attack was launched to the surprise of all on December 16, 1944. It is of particular value in that is is apparently the only English language publication on the subject. Of great interest is the hands-on approach by Hitler. £27.50

52966 Military Uniforms in America the Era of the American Revolution 1755-1795 / Company of military historians near fine large format hardback ex-library NO JACKET. 55+ full colour plates £35.00

52967 THREE SIEGES OF PONTEFRACT CASTLE 1642-1649 / Fox Very large format limited edition quality HBK repint. 160p. INc colour pages. Unfortunately suffered damp damage in the past. Now dry. Bad marking to cover and initial blank pages. Test NOT affected at all. Still a bargain at £30.00

52968 HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ARMY VIII 1811-1812 / FORTESCUE 690p. near fine pbk £11.50

52969 RAMILLES : Marlborough's masterpiece / Litten near fine HBK, Partizan Press Marlborough's Wars series £9.50

52970 Witness to Rebellion: John Maclean's Diary of the Forty-five and the Penicuik Drawings / - 80p. VGC paperback. SCARCE- MINT PBK- I have found 3 only that will only be sold to customers already on the Caliver Database Exceptional drawings . A must for anyone wanting to know what British & Jacobite troops on Campaign actually looked like £17.50

52971 Defiance!: Withstanding the Kaiserschlacht / Nichols new hardback 262p. illu. SUperb memoirs of an artilleryman written just fater the war £8.50

52972 Field of Glory: Renaissance Rules / - near fine but bump to edge of cover £40.00

52973 Bush Wars: Africa 1960–2010 (Force on Force) / - near mint pbk Rules supplement £45.00

52974 Day of the Rangers: Somalia 1993 (Force on Force) / - near mint pbk rules supplement £25.00

52975 Blood and Gold: The Americas at War: No. 12 (Field of Glory) / - near mint army lists £3.95

52976 INSTUCTORS HANDOOK OF FIELDCRAFT AND BATTLE DRILL / - near Mint paperback reprint. 194p illus with maps. 1942 British tactical manual. The Platoon in offensive defence. Further sections explain company battledrills, and carrier section battledrills. It ends with an analysis of the German and British methods in attack and defence, and a short section on dogs in war. The author(s) had had experience in the Spanish Civil War or in France 1940, £18.50