Latest news, I've remastered the Russian BA 6 (RV 11) and BA10 (RV 12) Armoured cars so they are back in production and are available again on the website and at shows. We are attending the Cavalier show on Sunday 26th February in Tonbridge and the highly anticipated Hammerhead show on Saturday 4th March at Newark. As usual we have the pre-order discount codes available for those that wish to get a good deal and ensure they can get the models they want. The code for Cavalier is unsurprisingly CAV2017 and for Hammerhead Hammer2017 these finish at midnight on the Tuesday before the show.
I'm still working on the masters for the US Cavalry for the Mexican revolutionary range, sorry about the delay. There will be 14 codes when ready

AEF15 US Cavalry Command Adv
AEF16 US Cavalry Troopers Adv
AEF17 US Cavalry Command Charging
AEF18 US Cavalry Troopers Charging
AEF19 US Cavalry Horse Holders
AEF20 US Cavalry Dismtd
AEF21 US Cavalry LMG Section
AEF22 Buffalo Soldier Cavalry Command Adv
AEF23 Buffalo Soldier Cavalry Troopers Adv
AEF24 Buffalo Soldier Cavalry Command Charging
AEF25 Buffalo Soldier Troopers Charging
AEF26 Buffalo Soldier Cavalry Horse Holders
AEF 27 Buffalo Soldier Dismtd
AEF28 Buffalo Soldier LMG Section.