Badger Games is pleased to announce that we are participating in the latest Nickstarter from North Star Military Figures: “Dracula’s America: Forbidden Power.”

This is the latest, most horrifying addition to the growing Dracula’s America rules introducing a number of new factions. These include “The Kin” whose rules are available only through the Nickstarter.

Purchase one of the four Levels of the Nickstarter and then you may add items from the Nickstarter to build your own horrific deal. Badger Games will be honoring all of the deals, rewards and add-ons of the formal Nickstarter. We are also offering free shipping throughout the Continental United States to the first 50 Nickstarters ordered through Badger Games (as well as anything else you buy in the same cart to ship with the Nickstarter).

You may access the offer through the link provided or by going directly to the Badger Games site and looking under our North Start Military Figures button. All other rules set forth by North Star for the Nickstarter apply!