With the amount of interest and demand for the upcoming 10mm League of Ausgburg releases, in a first for Pendraken we've decided to put them up for pre-order!  As well as allowing you to get your hands on them as soon as they become available, this will also mean that you can buy them at current prices, before our impending price increase takes effect.

Timescales on receiving the figures shouldn't be too long either.  If we receive the sculpts here in the next fortnight we'll get them master moulded straightaway and into production moulds, so the estimated date for shipping will be before the end of February.  That's certainly not too long to wait for these fantastic sculpts!

League of Augsburg 
LOA33   French Dragoons (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.50
LOA34   Allied Dragoons (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.50
LOA35   Dismounted Command group (3 figures + 1 horse)     £0.90
LOA36   Mounted Command, standing (7 figures)     £2.40
LOA37   Mounted Command, moving (7 figures)     £2.40

PLEASE NOTE - These are pre-order items, and will not ship immediately.  We estimate shipping to be before the end of February (2016!)

Also, if there's anything else you would like to order at the same time, we will hold those items until everything is ready.  If you would like us to send your order in two separate packages instead, please let us know.

And the pics!

LOA33 - French Dragoons:

LOA34 - Allied Dragoons:

LOA35 - Dismounted Command group

LOA36 - Mounted Command, standing

LOA37 - Mounted Command, moving