The Death Fields Les Grognards are soon here! Our latest hard plastic set will let you build 24 heroic scale 28mm figures with a variety of options including standard rifles, heavy lasers, flamethrowers, pistols, swords, heavy plasma guns, communication packs, and grenades. There are also four unique head types with and without gas-masks (192 total heads in this box). Now on pre-order for a January release for $34.95/£25 and with special 3, 5, and 10 box deals.

The Classic Fantasy Halfling Militia boxes are also arriving in our warehouses this week and pre-orders will start to ship out. The Persians (our first set in the First Empires range) is done tooling and we will have more news on their release soon. An unannounced historical set has also wrapped tooling and we will be showing those off in the near future. Irish are in tooling now, the Great War Germans will be going to file prep this week, and more Classic Fantasy and Death Fields sets are in development.