The Imperial Skies South America project reaches halfway with the release of the fifth national fleet. The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a small country, the second smallest on the continent, but we decided that it deserved a decent fleet (mainly because we came up with a nice design style that we wanted to make the most of…).

The fleet consists of six models, from the General Artigas battleship and Montevideo battlecruiser down to the ROU-22 torpedo pinnace. There’s the obligatory fleet pack and torpedo flotilla, and no fewer than four flags (Uruguay has three official flags plus a naval jack).

I had a go at painting a 3-colour dazzle camouflage on the larger vessels (the small ones were too fiddly) using an airbrush and random wedges of masking tape. They didn’t come out exactly as I’d seem them in my mind’s eye (they’re a bit darker) but overall I’m pleased with the result.

VANFP-3401 – Uruguayan Fleet Pack – £23.00
VANFP-3411 – Uruguayan Torpedo Flotilla – £#.#0
VAN-3401 – General Artigas class Battleship – £8.00
VAN-3402 – Montevideo class Battlecruiser – £8.00
VAN-3403 – Capitán Miranda class Cruiser – £2.75
VAN-3404 – Paysandú class Destroyer – £1.75
VAN-3405 – Flores class Frigate – £1.25
VAN-3406 – ROU-22 class Torpedo Pinnace – £0.50
VANF-3401 – Uruguayan National Flag – £0.50
VANF-3402 – Naval Jack – £0.50
VANF-3403 – Artigas Flag – £0.50
VANF-3404 – Flag of the Treinta y Tres – £0.50