We've recently extended our range of LAV vehicles to include the LAV-L (logistics)

The full range consists of:
LAV-25 - Mounting turret with M242 Bushmaster 25 mm chain gun
LAV-AT - Mounting turret with TOW-2 ATGM
LAV-M - With 81 mm mortar
LAV-AD - Mounting air defence turret with Gatling cannon and 2 Stinger missile pods
LAV-C2 - Command and control variant with raised roof
LAV-R - Recovery vehicle with rotating boom crane
LAV-L - Logistics vehicle (LAV-LOG) for cargo transport

6mm is £1.15
12mm is £2.48
15mm is £3.85
20mm is £7.70
28mm is £16.50

The models are available in most scales.