Howard Whitehouse Attending Little Wars 2018 (April 26-29)

Little Wars is a great, classic wargaming convention. Old school gamers, fantastic games and a truly fun weekend. How do you add to that? Bring award-winning game designer Howard Whitehouse, that's how!

An industry legend and prolific rules writer, Howard has been involved in the writing of wargames rules for decades. With such titles as Osprey's "Mad Dogs With Guns," the famous "Science Versus Pluck or Too Much for the Mahdi" and the infamous pulp gaming standard "Astounding Tales", Howard has contributed about as much to gaming as anyone in the industry.

If you have ever been to an HMGS East convention and wondered what all the noise was coming from a certain gaming table, it was probably one of Howard's famous participation games. Part Beer and Pretzels, part theater and part...well, I am not sure what the last part is, Howard's games are a treat usually reserved only for those making the trek to Lancaster, PA or other points East. This year, we lucky Midwesterners have the chance to take advantage of what our east coast brethren have had for decades with not one, but two Howard Whitehouse original participation games at Little Wars 2018.

Howard will be running two games at Little Wars using some of our extensive miniature lines Friday and Saturday. Who knows when Howard will make it this way again, so I strongly suggest you check the program guide and find a game that works for you...and get a chance to meet the man himself!