Once again it's down to me to dust off the passing year, have a look at what we did and what we didn't do and try and do some futurology and look at what may or may not happen in the coming twelve months.

We started off with some high hopes for 2015, Sadly, two incidents served to slow us down considerably, notably a trashed master mould which put paid to the release of the WW2 range amongst other things, and ‘off-field' events which slowed down the development of new releases.

  • In 2014, shiny-eyed and enthusiastic, I suggested that Baccus would go for the targets below in 2015:
  • The Napoleonic French range would be completed.
  • The Spanish Succession range would be resculpted.
  • If, the timetable held we would be expanding the Colonial ranges.
  • The Great War range would be expanded considerably to take it forward into the later years if the war.
  • We would be finally be releasing the start of a WW2 range.
  • We would release at least one set of Polemos rules.
  • We would have the first of the Polemos gaming apps available.
  • We would have a new e-commerce Baccus site up and running.
  • We would have every code in the Baccus range illustrated with a photograph on the web site.

So how did we do? Well…errmm…

  • The Napoleonic French range was completed, with the final code to be released the magnificent ‘My Little Ogre' set which enabled all the Napoleonophiles out there to buy the wee corporal in triplicate.

  • The resculpt of the WSS range has been largely completed although we do need to finish off some bits and pieces.

  • The Great War ranges have been greatly expanded with later war infantry and cavalry, lots of machine guns, a great slew of mortars and some more heavy guns.

  • Nick Dorrell's Polemos GNW rules were released having been given a complete make-over including some stunning cover artwork.

The new Baccus site was declared open for business and the new format has proved to be very popular indeed.

I'd say that's not too bad under the circumstances, but there were obviously some big ‘misses'. I'll be hoping to make good on these in the next twelve months as you will find out shortly.

I couldn't leave any review of 2015 without mentioning the Joy of Six show. This year we had opted to move to a new venue which we had hoped would improve the event. To be honest the show exceeded expectations on pretty well all points. In terms of consistently high quality of games on display I cannot think of a show on the UK circuit that topped it and the atmosphere was unlike anything I have experienced anywhere at a wargames show.

That's the history lesson out of the way – here is the bit that most people are waiting for. Exactly what are the plans for 2016? The usual preface must be stated. Any resemblance to facts, certainties, rock-solid guarantees or even firm assurances is purely coincidental, a tribute to your optimism and with only a tangential grasp on Reality. To be honest you may have more chance of wishing that fairies really did exist than some of this lot coming to pass, but hey, if you didn't set goals then life would be boring.

  • World War 2. Yes, WW2. The Second World War 1939-1945. We will DEFINITELY be releasing figures for this range starting with British, German and American infantry and support weapons. We will be starting with Normandy '44 and expanding from there.

  • The WSS range will be completed and with some nifty jiggery poker we'll be using that as a basis for a Nine Years War range.
  • The Colonial ranges will be expanded covering the Boer War and the NW Frontier amongst other things.
  • Continuing with the colonial theme we'll be adding some codes to cover the SYW in Canada/FIW.
  • Work will continue on expanding the Great War range, although whether we get the time to move into another geographical area remains to be seen.
  • Work will start on a MAJOR overhaul and expansion of the venerable ECW range. Yet another group of veterans whose moulds are wearing thin and whose time has come.
  • We will be releasing a Polemos set covering the AWI and FIW and serious work will begin on the SYW set.
  • The Polemos Napoleonic app will, at long, long last be made available.
  • Work will continue on the website with new features and content being added.
  • We will get the last few codes painted and photographed. This was one of our missed targets of 2015, but I am determined to complete this in 2016. 98% of all the nearly one thousand Baccus figure codes are now illustrated. This will be 100% by the end of the year.
  • The Joy of Six will once again take centre stage in July. We've got more space and I know that people are already planning even bigger and better games to put on show. The date is, Sunday July 17th, so no time for excuses. BE THERE!

It can often seem that Baccus consists of just myself and the Igor. On that point, I have to very publicly give a great show of thanks to the humped one. He is the absolute bedrock of the Baccus manufacturing and supply side and nothing would be done without his untiring efforts. However, Baccus is much more than two people as the whole thing is only kept going by a large network of family, friends, authors supporters, contributors, and modellers. So, in no set order, I'd like to thank Nick M, David H, Nick D, Nick J, Martin B, Tony Q, Martin P, Peter R, Chris G, Maksim S, Sven L, Glenn, Rob P, Chris B, Katharine, Ben, Lindy, Bill, Dave, Mark, Barrie, Mike S, Derek, Andrew B, Les P, Shawn T, Stewart and the Polemos playtest group, for their invaluable help and input.

I'd also like to thank each and every one of those harassed and put-upon wargames show organisers the length of the country who have worked hard to stage these invaluable events. Without sounding too self-serving, I must also give a big thanks to all of our customers – without you, there would be no Baccus 6mm and we appreciate that fact and never have it far from our minds. Finally thanks also the crew at Wargames Emporium, John, Dave and Erik for their invaluable support over the last year.

To all of them and to all reading this, Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!