M24 Chaffee (Bolt Action) Walkthrough
By: Demi's Log

"Because since like a few months I've been doing anything but painting infantry models: working on vehicles, buildings, upgrading game table...
So now, without Chaffee on the desk, there are no more excuses for not painting infantry. Perspective of having whole army 100% painted has never been closer:
the distance is about 25 infantry models...

As for the model itself I've been taking pictures while working on it, so in case of getting satisfying result I could repeat it later.

The tank is Warlord Games' resin + metal piece.
Must say it's nothing spectacular but otoh I've seen much worse casts from this manufacturer. Cleaning it and assembling didn't take much time, the barrel and commander got paperclip pins for more reliable bond - it's gaming model after all...."

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