It's time to part with some of the large stock of masters we have..some of which have been sitting on the shelf for five years..and due to the heavy work load and also lack of space...its time for someone else to bring them to the market. I am starting the sale with eight items and this will expand...enjoy.

40 28mm Vietnam Era Figures, never put into production.
U.S. Infantry Command Set (4)
U.S. Infantry w/ M60 Machine Guns (4)
U.S. Infantry w/ M16's (4)
U.S. Infantry w/ M79 Grenade Launchers (4)
U.S. Infantry w/ Grenades (4)
N.V.A. Infantry w/ RPD Machine Gun (4)
N.V.A. Infantry w/ RPG's (4)
N.V.A. Infantry w/ AK47's Set #1 (4)
N.V.A. Infantry w/ AK47's Set #2 (4)
N.V.A. Infantry w/ SKS Carbine (4)