The full range of 1940 Dutch Army from May '40 Miniatures is now available to pre-order from the Sally 4th Website.

The range includes 3 x command packs, 12 x infantry packs and a MMG and 81mm Mortar pack each with 3 crew.
3 figure infantry blisters cost £6.85, a 12 figure infantry squad costs £21.50 and there are pre-release deals for a complete Dutch Rifle Platoon at £85 and a larger Army deal that includes 90 miniatures for  £171

These are on pre-release at the moment, and will be released by May '40 Miniatures at Crisis on 5th November.

The Platoon and Army Deal are only available up until 4th November.

Any figures pre-ordered from Sally 4th can be collected from the joint Sally 4th / May '40 Miniatures Trade Stand at Crisis, or will be posted out by us on our return from the show.

I'm very excited by this release, Sander has done a fantastic job getting this range into production, Michael Percy has done a great job with the sculpting and the attention to detail and pose, so I am looking forward to seeing some Dutch armies take centre stage on wargames tables across the world.