Fighting 15s now stocks a select range of premium laser-cut 3mm-thick MDF bases from Warbases. The bases are ideal for many ancients to Renaissance games, and therefore for the Gladiator Miniatures line of 15mm figures, and for our own Martian Empires game.

Sizes available and quantities per pack are 40mm x 15mm in 24s, 40mm x 20mm in 20s, 40mm x 30mm in 18s, and 40mm x 40mm in 16s. Packs cost £1.75 each including VAT.

The bases are listed both under Gladiator Miniatures and Martian Empires in the online shop.

Warbases is a business we’ve used many times in the past and we like the quality of their products and respect their professionalism. We’d rather use them than start running a laser cutter for the first time and risk burning down the workshop.