Neil Shuck & Mike Hobbs are joined by guest Guy Bowers for this episode of the show

00:00 – Introduction – Guy Bowers introduces himself
19:25 – Confessional – Time to own up to all those hobby purchases we have made recently.
49:27 – Our Hobby – We all talk about our recent gaming and painting
1:27:52 – Happy One Hundred – since Guy is editor of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine, which has recently published it’s one hundredth issue, we chat to him about the origin of the magazine and his philosophy as an editor. We also talk about the WSS Podcast, the Great Wargames Survey and find out some details about Black Ops, which is a set of rules that Guy wrote and Osprey published.
2:21:00 – Outtro – Closing thoughts.

We hope you enjoy the show.