Neil Shuck & Mike Hobbs are joined by guest Ralph Plowman for this episode of the show, as they take their second look at gaming in Ancient Greece, this time concentrating on mass battles

00:00 – Introduction – This week’s guest, Ralph Plowman, introduces himself
19:14 – Confessional – Time to own up to all those hobby purchases we have made recently.
50:29 – Our Hobby – We all talk about our recent gaming and painting. We once again extol the virtues of Mansions of Madness, discuss our first impressions of Journeys in Middle Earth and Mike reveals the secrets of his basing techniques
1:39:25 – Gaming in Ancient Greece, Part II – We chat about mass battle gaming in ancient Greece, reviewing Men of Bronze and Hoplomachia
2:50:30 – Outtro – Closing thoughts.

We hope you enjoy the show.