In this episode, hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs & Mike Whitaker discuss what they’ve been doing (Hobby-wise) for the past two weeks, cast their eye over some of the latest hobby news and dive, for the first time, into the Meeples & Miniatures mailbag.

In our features, Mike Whitaker chats with Wayne Bollands from Wargames Illustrated, and then Neil Shuck & Mike Hobbs interview Craig Armstrong about his new mass battle rules: Lord and Lands.

We hope you enjoy the show

Show details:

00:00 – Intro
06:47 – What we’ve been up to
36:37 – Hobby News
1:18:41 – Wayne Bollands interview
1:45:10 – Craig Armstrong Interview
3:27:30 – Mailbag & Outtro