MWBG 388

Here's what you can expect in issue 388. Of course, we have our regular spots:

  • The Editor has his Briefing, and covers the online world as it relates to wargamers in his World Wide Wargaming
  • Neil Shuck examines the trends in the hobby in Forward Observer.
  • Diane Sutherland uses her Wargames Widow column to provide terrain-making tips.
  • Fantasy Facts columnist John Treadaway scans the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi wargaming.
  • Conrad Kinch with his Send three and fourpence column writes about the hobby from a slightly eccentric point of view.
  • Boardgame specialist Brad Harmer uses his Hex Encounter column to describe the joys of the two-dimensional gaming world.
  • And our highly respected Recce section reviews all manner of books, rulesets, miniatures and other stuff.

In this issue, we also have:

  • Nikolas Lloyd describes his mammoth, multinational one-day wargaming project Operation Crossfire, where dozens of players across several continents fought WWII battles as part of the same campaign simultaneously!
  • Serving army Captain Charlie M Grant gives us Common sense – A foundation in tactics, posing some fundamental questions about the need for sound knowledge so you can successfully react to a situation on the tabletop.
  • Andrew Rolph refreshes our collective memory that the Napoleonic Wars had covered a great deal more ground than just Waterloo by delivering What! No Wellington? Central and Eastern Europe 1800-1814, a complete set of fast-play wargaming rules.
  • Trevor Halsall is back with another American Civil War scenario, Wildfire in the Wilderness, based on the fighting around the intersection of the Orange Plank Road with the Brock Road in Virginia on May 5th
  • Mick Sayce is well known for his series on the Mongols, but he’s also clever at creating Terrain for Tiny Chaps, and opens a two-parter on creating scenery suitable for 6mm and 10mm miniatures.
  • And of course we have an update from our continuing Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal.