Dear Gamers:

Here we are announcing a clearance sale. All our C15 and V15 products are 40% off since now.
In the past 3 months, we have been busy with several crowdfunding projects in China, including army cases and game mats. Although our website has not been updated, the design of the MDF building is still ongoing.
During this period, we have worked on the following tasks:

1. Rearranged the frames of all our MDF products
2. Designed some urban terrains for Vietnam War
3. Designed some village houses and a religious building for Middle East War
4. Designed some modern Russian buildings for Cold War
5. Redesign some of our ancient Chinese buildings (still working on it)
6. Designed some forest trays
That’s why we have a clearance sale. These MDF products are being tested and are expected to be officially launched on September.

And we are going to build a new e-commerce website which can pay online, probably by the end of the year.
Thank you!