Effective immediately.

It is with regret that I announce the end of Vexillia's partnership with Mirliton SG of Italy. This is a sad occasion. We first ordered from Mirliton in 2002 and the arrangement has been mutually profitable for nearly 16 years. Times change however and we could not agree mutually beneficial terms to extend our UK distributorship deal.

We will be selling off our existing UK stock over the coming months. Our last order from Mirliton arrived just before Christmas and at the moment we hold our usual extensive stocks of the 15 mm ranges, and the 25 mm weapons & spares.

We expect sales to be brisk once news spreads so don't put off placing an order. To help customers check stock levels before ordering all Mirliton shop pages now have links to an online stock list. Codes that go out of stock will be removed from the online shop as soon as possible.