Dreams and Machines collide in a far future where its people come together to rebuild their world. The ultimate tale of hope and heroism in the shadow of the Wakers. As the danger grows and the world is under threat once more, do you dare to dream?

Earlier this year we launched the optimistic post-apocalyptic roleplaying game, Dreams and Machines, set on the world of Evera Prime where slumbering mechs dot the landscape and people build lives anew in the wreckage of paradise. The Starter Set and free Quickstart PDF are already available and pre-orders for the core roleplaying game are now live! This includes the Player's Guide, Gamemaster's Guide, GM's Toolkit, Dice Set, and a Collector's Slipcase Edition!

The core books will include the full 2d20 ruleset, character creation, factions, the history and secrets of Evera Prime, challenging enemies, a host of guidance for the gamemaster, and a complete starting adventure which can be played standalone or as a sequel to the events of the Starter Set campaign.

We've got big plans for Dreams and Machines and there's lots more to come, so check out the website and the product pages at the links below to place your pre-orders now! Or read on to find out more about these awesome new products before you begin (or continue) your journey on Evera Prime!