After our first announcement a couple of weeks ago, we’ve received the second batch of Battlescale’s 10mm buildings and they’re now available on our website. This half contains some really nice models including a selection of European timber framed buildings and some excellent bridges.

10B027 Timber Framed Gatehouse £8.40
10B028 Timber Framed Cottage £4.75
10B029 Timber Framed 2-Storey House No.1 £6.05
10B030 Timber Framed Single Storey House £6.05
10B031 Timber Framed 3-Storey House £6.30
10B032 Merchants House £9.45
10B033 Timber Framed 2-Storey House No.2 £6.05
10B034 Timber Framed Shop £6.50
10B035 Desert Adobe with Dome £7.35
10B036 Small Desert Dwelling £4.50
10B037 Small Mediterranean House No.1 £4.95
10B038 2-Storey Mediterranean House No.1 £5.95
10B039 2-Storey Mediterranean House No.2 £5.95
10B040 Stone Workshop/Garage £8.50
10B041 Stable Block £5.20
10B042 Small Chapel £5.80
10B043 Watermill £6.30
10B044 European Ruin No.2 £4.75
105001 Outdoor Privy £2.25
105002 Twin Arched Stone Bridge £9.45
105003 Village Shrine £1.95
105004 Pig Pen £3.00
105005 Small Stone Bridge £4.20
105006 Small Cobblestone Bridge £4.20
105007 Battle Damaged Bridge £7.00
105008 Stone Bridge £7.00

(All supplied unpainted)

And here’s some pics of them to tempt you in…