Echidna Games will be demoing Alien Worlds and Laserblade. Alien Worlds was written with the wargaming parent in mind and offers quick-to-play rules that children of about five-and-up can enjoy. Laserblade is the grown-up evolution of Alien Worlds and while it keeps things fast, it offers a bit more tactical depth. We do not have a line of figures to promote and encourage players to use whatever models they have.

Alien Worlds uses traditional six-sided dice and requires each player to use a team of six models while Laserblade uses ten-sided dice and offers a greater level of flexibility around team size. Both games have rules for character customisation meaning you can use just about any figures in your collection, and of any scale. At Blast-Tastic!, we'll be using 1/35 scale space figures to present players with a couple of balanced forces that will suit either set of rules.