It is the mid 25th century and at last there is world peace...

Well, at least for the inhabitants of Inworld; those who were rich, powerful and educated enough to come through the peak labour crisis, the power outage, the ecological armageddon, the great migration, the third turf wars and the new eden project. For those fortunate few, life is easy; all needs catered for in the comfort of their own homes with instant products a download away and full spectrum of meals produced by the in-house genesystem.

Sadly the same is not true in Outworld, where the bulk of humanity slaves over enormous treadmills to produce the electrical power needed to sustain Inworld’s systems. Out here in the wastes the big game is Trash Running and Recyc, turning the refuse spewed from the consumer-driven domes of Inworld into fresh raw materials ready to be pumped back in.

Factious Waste is a post-apocalyptic skirmish game like no other. Completely diceless it mixes strategy and narrative to create tabletop gaming which could have rolled off the pages of 2000AD or burst straight from a Mad Max movie. Choose your cast of natives, cowboys, gangsters and assassins. Muster your posse and take to the badlands of Outworld in search of precious scrap and lucrative mercenary contracts.

Oakbound Studio will be running demo games of Factious Waste at Blast-Tastic! this year whilst the game itself hits Kickstarter at the beginning of October. Follow our Facebook page  for more details.